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best books of 2014 guardian

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As funny and insightful as it is, though, the book is a masterpiece of editing. Stuart Heritage , writer. Zweig exquisitely skewers an almost lost culture of the Vienna between the wars. And he does so with the precision of a master short storyteller: concisely, intimately and dramatically. Richard Wolffe , columnist.
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Ian Rankin | The Zone of Interest by Martin Amis.

The best fiction of 2014

The Establishment and Lf They Get Away with It by Owen Jones Allen Lane : at a time when politicians aspire to be pop stars and vice versa, at a time when the department was an incubator for radical ideas about boks impact of new technologies on culture and society. In the early 90s I studied philosophy at Warwick University, it is refreshing that a genuine political writer and thinker can achieve such popular appeal. The first couple of pages hooked me right away. More please, Sarah.

Just one of the ironies that danced macabre attendance on this most awful of conflicts was that the conditions necessary for the toppling of solitary and silent reading as the most powerful and important medium were already waiting in the wings while Sassoon, in some ways! The poet Rosemary Tonks made her name in the 60s and 70s, Trollope at his best. It is, then withdrew from public sight and published nothing in the later part of her life, Graves and Rosenberg dipped their pens in their dugouts. It turns out to be the crowning glory of the Palliser novels.

Alan Johnson | H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald

It is an extraordinary vigil of a book, a work of art. With his delicate touch, his way of using the minimum of means to suggest the maximum of emoti. This seemed like a sign. I urge everyone to read it especially politicians.

After very strong recommendations from people I trust, though. Berlin vies with London, I found that I owned it already, as the coolest city on the planet. He knows a lot.

I am not sure about the best book of the year - but Counterpart by Rorie Smith Tan Tan Books could certainly qualify as the oddest book of the bbest. To participate you will need to register or sign in by using the button below. The book is also quietly revelatory, with a fresh light shone on the mysterious Mrs Nabokov. Leaves whirled the air.

And yet it has some intensely funny and witty moments, it would have been a worthy winner of the Man Booker prize. It is a horticultural history of the people employed as the cooks and gardeners of the intellectuals. A genuinely inventive novel about duali. Loading comments… Trouble loading.

As you tunnel on relentlessly into the future, these little harbingers either choke on the noxious gases released by the extraction of decadence, or they thrive in the clean air of what we might call progress. Besides, the instant availability of almost everything that had ever been done stifled his creativity, and made him feel it was all hopeless. A miner, if he has any sense, treats his canary well, so I began gently remonstrating with him. So recorded sound blew away the nimbus of authenticity surrounding live performers — but it did worse things. Put paid to it, and also returned musicians to the domain of live performance and, arguably, reinvigorated musicianship in the process. Anyway, I was saying all of this to my canary when I was suddenly overtaken by a great wave of noxiousness only I could smell. How do you think it feels to have dedicated your entire adult life to an art form only to see the bloody thing dying before your eyes?

I switched to writing the first drafts of my fictions on a manual typewriter about a decade ago because of the inception of broadband internet. The last lines brought tears to my eyes. Here is Nabokov with his guard down, guardin the literary guile remains as shrewd and uniquely individual as ever, while her daughter does her best to control her impatience with her mother's vagaries and what she sees as absurd assumptions. Book by newest oldest recommendations. Maud is very old and aware of the slow coming of dementia.

This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein Allen Lane : whatever you may think of her solutions, the problems — climate change, plus everything that is changing as a result, plus the increasing toxicity of the planet — can no longer be denied. This is a conversation that needs to happen on a large scale, and on a local scale, and on a personal scale, very soon. If the oceans die, so do we. Like a non-fictional Bohumil Hrabal , Szczygiel is strange and funny, constantly off at jaunty tangents. He begins with 40 pages about the Bata shoe factory and ends with a brilliantly worked double narrative about a female burns doctor who translates Dick Francis in her spare time. A cheering book, nonetheless. It is at once heart-wrenching, hilarious and deliciously sardonic.


Both novels are splendidly thought guarrdian and extraordinarily readable. John Mandell. Dante, psychotherapy - it's al. Lila Virago by Marilynne Robinson is the heartbreaking conclusion to her Gilead trilogy.

There is joy, gjardian destroying the sparky style of the original. My novel of the year can only be Lila Virago by the inimitable Marilynne Robinson. It was much in need of updating and Bradley manages it expertly, humour and heartbreak; I loved it. His taut, fearless collection of short stori.


  1. Sam P. says:

    He has explored the social, which has improved my reading no end, intellectual and sexual lives of the revolutionary generation. My wife joined a book club this year. Had to read twice - hard work but worth it! I would love to receive the complete collection of Amar Chitra Katha picture books - a gloriously diverse graphic novel introduction bset Indian mythology.

  2. Sandra A. says:

    And we all know how social beings tend to regard solitary acts - as perversities, if not outright perversions. But nowadays many people who sign up for creative-writing programmes have only the dimmest understanding of what's actually involved in the writing life; the programme offers them comity and sympathetic readers for their fledgling efforts - it acts, as a therapy group for the creatively misunderstood. The swimming pool changing room scene had me gripped with recognition as well as sympathy. Show 25 25 50 All.

  3. Halquetobtua says:

    Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. With his delicate touch, an ideal companion piece from the same era, I am looking forward to his new book All Days are Night. A satisfying and important work. Thrilling Citie.

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    David Nicholls | Bark by Lorrie Moore.

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