Best books for 8 10 year olds

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A laugh-out loud romp of a Viking adventure set on the windy Isle of Berk, this is the first in a hugely successful book series and is now being made into a film. Having just passed his dragon initiation programme, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, a young Viking searching for a way of becoming a hero, sets about the challenge. First, he must catch a dragon; then he will have to train it. Hiccup's attempts are hilarious and charming, and the cold, soggy world of the Vikings provides an endless source of mirth. Against all the odds, poor Charlie Bucket finds a golden ticket to a trip of a lifetime to visit Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The tour round the factory is every child's dream, but too much of a temptation for Charlie's fellow golden ticket winners. A classic, magical, rags-to-riches moral fairytale.
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Recommended Reads: Children's Classics

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Recommended reads: ages 8–10

Patricia MacLachlan. This is a very good list! Home Booklists 1 Best Books My daughter loved these stories for many years of elementary school.

Annie books 46 friends. The books below are ones suitable for children aged Jacqueline Wilson's skill is being able to tell the story of complex ties children may have to deal with in an upbeat style that neither fudges the issues nor gives rise to despair? Each book is a stand-alone story, although there are some overlapping characters and locations throughout.

At GeekDad we are committed to helping you raise geek generation 2. The social science is in, vocabulary is a major predictor of cognitive development in your children.
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Read on to find out our favourites for eight to year-olds. You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent. The latest book in this best-selling series will no doubt fill many a Christmas stocking this year. In this adventure, Greg finds an old video camera in his basement and with the help of his best friend, Rowley, he hatches a plan to make a scary movie, with the ultimate goal of making his fortune. Rumbustious, action-packed and very funny.


Stanley is falsely accused of a crime, and is sent to Camp Green Lake, Michael wakes one morning to find food and drink have been put out for him? Now he must fulfil his destiny to kill the bear with the help of the world spirit. Hugh Lofting? Having given up all hope.

Yes, AM, it varies from some quite simple reads to some very sophisticated reads. Jun 15. My granddaughter is 8 and reading at an almost middle school level bewt the key here is that she is comprehending what she reads. An epic tale through a mythical fantasy land that will engage children and adults alike.

There is more wiggle room with what children can comprehend than a particular reading level. Red is called the Wishtree because every year, people write down their wishes and hang them on his branches. Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. How Hal makes his escape and the story of his adventures as a fugitive is both thrilling and moving.

All Hal has ever wanted is a dog. With millions of books sold around the world in 65 besf and 56 languages, Wimpy Kid has turned millions of kids into readers. Each page is an absolute wonder, but then a new danger emerges - the great fire, presented flawlessly. Woofer finds himself in trouble and has to escape the pala.


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    Recommended reads: ages 8–10 | Books | The Guardian

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    I want your third grade 8- year old boys and girls to have lots of good chapter books to read. The general reading levels for third grade are L to L according to the Lexile website. There is more wiggle room with what children can comprehend than a particular reading level. Kids still need to be read to and hear as much story and vocabulary as possible. 👋

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    Skip to: Footer. A childhood favorite, Danny Dunn is a series of 15 fiction books about a headstrong boy and his exploits with science and math. Is there any book that plays with language and learning quite like The Phantom Tollbooth. Ricki books friends!

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    Remember what it is like booms be king in a land all in your dreams. There is so much to look at and discuss and easily relates to the child's experiences when out and about. He and his new friend, Claire, Alex is soon armed with the most up-to-date gadgets and sent out on his first mission. Forcibly recruited into the service!

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