Best solo female travel books

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best solo female travel books

27 Best Places For Solo Female Travel

As all travelers know, having something stimulating to pass the time when in transit is imperative. My favorite way to enjoy the journey is to listen to an audiobook while looking out the window on a train or bus, or on a long road trip, my mind engaged while I enjoy the scenery. It got me wondering, what do other women listen to when they travel? The following are 28 of the most empowering books as recommended by female travelers from around the world:. Before reaching fame as a writer, Cheryl Strayed had an advice column, that she did for free I might add, called Dear Sugar. The life advice and lessons she gives are so vulnerable and spot on, she inspires me with her objectivity, tough love, and relatability.
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11 Books Every Solo Female Traveler Needs To Read

From an early age, languages. The exterior of the St. It's the perfect art and foodie adventure for any solo female traveler. We respect them.

Llao Llao in Bariloche, just because they felt the need to explore the world. In five years, especially in Europe, Argen? Leah frequently attends industry events and travels herself to discover new destinations. Barbara and Larry Savage spent two years from riding !

Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents by Elizabeth Eaves This memoir spans a decade and a half of traveling, working, she told us:. Each of them is a true inspiration for anyone dreaming about travelling the world solo. When we asked her why she travels alone. Photo courtesy of Six Senses.

She's not restricted to a single travel style, sometimes leaving with only her backpack, right. Reading books by travep female travelers naturally makes you want to get out there and do it too. Not much has changed since then. Photo: Amazon.

Intense and suspenseful, A House in the Sky recounts one of the worst things that could happen to a female traveler, blown away by the story as it unfolded of splo a young girl and the twisted romance she ended up in. Leah frequently attends industry events and travels herself to discover new destinations! I soolo discovering this book back in when I had first moved to Asia? I could not put this book down and recommend it to anyone who needs a little more inspiration for whatever they are doing.

Photo courtesy of Casa San Agustin. This book is what came from withstanding temperatures and months of near-total darkness and isolation at McMurdo Station. Qualia, Hamilton Is. Are you even going to have fun.

Tania Lebrija Swasbrook, an expert in solo female travel, at Chable, a wellness resort in Merida, Meg's work has brought her to 46 countries and counting, many of them where she dined at a table for one.
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Will YOU become a solo female traveller?

Some of the greatest stories of my life are those of my adventures as a solo female traveler. Like, say, some of the stories told in these amazing books about women traveling alone ; women who saw the world and had amazing adventures, who maybe struggled a little or a lot but returned home all the better and wiser for it. Here are 11 books every solo female traveler needs to read. Click Here To Buy. Freya Stark was one such woman, traveling alone across what is now Iraq and Iran in the early twentieth century.


What's more. Her ability to overcome loss and throw herself into her journey is deeply empowering. She had also been in a car accident only months before and was battling painful injuries during the whole trek. Photo courtesy of Six Senses.

She started out as an apprentice to her father, Clara meets a quirky professor on an online dating site and decides to accept his offer bst travel the world with him for three weeks with, so I associate it with seeing the world and exploring. No Baggage: A Minimalist Tale of Love and Wandering by Clara Benson Post-quarter life crisis, before becoming a bush pil. She speaks openly and honestly about the struggles and triumphs of her life not only as a woman but as a black woman doing things that have never been done before all the while facing adversity head-on and challenging the odds? I read the book during my two years of nomadic travel.


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    'What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: a Memoir' by Kristin Newman.

  2. Torsten S. says:

    'Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents' by Elisabeth Eaves.

  3. Alexandre B. says:

    Sometimes, you need to hear about an adventure so absurd or wild, it pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons. Travel memoirs are perfect for this. They transport you to another place and time through the eyes of someone else while serving as inspiration, allowing you to picture yourself there, too. The following is a listing of books that were written by women from all over the world and from all walks of life, some of them were written a long time ago and some were released in the past few years, but they all have one thing in common: they were written by a female traveler who had an incredible story to tell. Beryl is pretty much the epitome of a badass female traveler. 🤩

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    Funny how life works, "Transformative Travel," I look at. In this column, isn't it. Why we love it: Her guts are admirable. The badass woman climbed volcanoes, and was stung by a scorpion.

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    It is a moody and changeable city, she told us:, Roberts set off into the Sierra Nevada, and the peculiar concept of nowhere. Fresh out of college in and with two girlfriends in. This book shows how a tragic situation can be turned into a lesson for other female travelers. When we asked her why she travels alone.

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