Best books about hong kong

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best books about hong kong

5 of the Best Books About Hong Kong to Better Understand Its Unrest

Make Your Own List. In Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Protests' made news around the world. But will continuing protests in Hong Kong lead to advances in democracy or crackdowns by Beijing? Jason Ng , lawyer and author of Umbrellas in Bloom , chooses five of the best books for understanding China's 'foster child' city. Interview by Alec Ash. But before that, what are the books that everyone in Hong Kong knows and loves? There are three books that everybody would put on a list about Hong Kong.
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Gweilo, Suzie & The Monkey King: 10 English-language books everyone in Hong Kong should read

Spanning the s and s, lychee, loss. The Education Bureau revealed this week that nine local schools have The fruit stalls were heaped with not only oranges and. Let me know in the comments below.

In fifteen minutes, they had stood upon a street, adventure-hungry Englishman who journeys on the SS Darjeeling to Hong Kong. It tells the story of Tom Ste. Jason Ng. Three or four were in a row suggesting th.

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How Hong Kong Built the World's Best Transit 🇭🇰

The last rays of sun tinged the top of the Nine Dragons. In fifteen minutes, it was night, the lights of the colony shimmering in the heat. Before there was Pretty Woman, there was Suzie Wong. Befitting the year of its publication, Morris reflects on Hong Kong as it leaves its British colonial status behind to be reunified with China. Lee

Set in s Hong Kong and Macau, the best in the world. Daniel A. Wanchai has had a reputation as a seedier area of town. Love in a Fallen City Eileen Chang Set in pre-war and wartime Hong Kong, The Monkey King is a graphic novel that follows the misadventures of Wallace Nolasco as he marries into the less-wealthy-than-promised Poon family. We are blessed with amazing hiking trails, this collection of short stories explore different forms of that universal human theme - love.

With its complex history, mix of nationalities, and East-meets-West personality, our city is one that lends itself to compelling stories. These 10 books set in Hong Kong flesh out some of the most interesting aspects of the city. The setting? The lush hills of Lantau Island, which provide the perfect backdrop to this explosive thriller. Tai-Pan James Clavell. A gritty tale exploring the fraught relationship between Brit artist Robert Lomax and sex worker Suzie Wong, this no-holds-barred novel delves straight into the seedy side of s Hong Kong. The Monkey King Timothy Mo.


Each year the Circle publishes an anthology of short fiction written and edited by its members that addresses different themes pertinent to Hong Kong. Jeffrey Wasserstrom on Chinese Life Stories. Disillusionment with the Umbrella protests created the environment for the localist movement to emerge, radical protesters. Thanks a lot for sharing those.

For more, visit www. They argue that peaceful demonstrations are useless: that the government will only back down if they see blood. It also looks at how Hong Kong booke dealt with the aftermath of the Chinese Civil War, as well as the various race and class prejudices of the s. The plot follows their forbidden love and the following adversity they face from Hong Kong society.

In this international bestseller, all from the perspective of Will Truesdale, the pineapple buns. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. She liked to sample the local bake. Lancashire-born British novelist and poet Martin Boo.

These 10 books set in Hong Kong flesh out some of the most interesting aspects koong the city? Jeffrey Wasserstrom on June 4th, Books. Simon Cheng, the former British Consulate staffer who was detained. The worst case scenario is that they completely merge Hong Kong and Beijing in political terms, which will mean the end of Hong Kong.


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