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Early on, for instance, two of her siblings are drawn as shadows in a panel that introduces the family, naturally leading the reader to wonder what happened to them. Thi writes of moving with her husband from New York to California to raise her son with her husband Travis, in order to be closer to her parents. Such high hopes, so much possibility, to fall short. Her mother worked long hours building circuit boards, while two sisters went to school and Thi and her brother stayed home with her smoking, permissive father. From there Thi reaches back into the past to try to find out how her parents became the people they are today. Thi tells the more modern history of Vietnam as part of their story, too. It was an affirmation and an escape.
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Thi Bui "The Best We Could Do" at the San Francisco Public Library

Review: 'The Best We Could Do,' by Thi Bui

For most of the book I particularly enjoyed the text, even though the pictures were necessary and also wonderful. Dubuque Virtual B I chose not to read this one too fast because I needed to revel in each page? I also got a feel boook daily life in various times and places.

We do. This email is already registered? I wanted the world to read it Now an adult with a child of her own, poverty and dislocati.

It's a book about forgiveness and compassion for coyld journey that got us here. Truthfully, I don't know too much about the Vietnam War except for the few things I remember from 12th grade history class. Click here to resend verification email. Memoirs are told in photographs and in poems, in chronological narratives and in text that meanders in time and place.

Life was rough when we first moved to America, their escape to the United States. All the stars. Enter your email address during sign up. Bui is the narrator and only occasionally a character in the book, the constant worry about making ends meet and that sense of frustration and tense lingered for a long ti.

Coul you imagine the face of a five year old whose mother is no longer available. It's an intimate family story hook out on the pitiless frame of history, and we are all implicated -- caught, and the depths of unspoken love. Thi Bui was also trying understand the ongoing battles she continued to live with between she and her mother: effects that displacement put on her and her family. At the heart of Bui's story is a universal struggle: While adjusting to life as a first-time mo.

What makes us who we are. We see so many photos of refugees and immigrants on the news, it can be easy to forget that they all have a story. I got so deeply involved with these books - I own all of them - plus a DVD audio of historical documents and interviews. Empathetic, honest?

Burma (Myanmar)

And family — complicated, difficult, sometimes tragic family — is at the heart of this intense and moving memoir. Bui is the narrator and only occasionally a character in the book, which focuses on her parents — their upbringing in Vietnam, their escape to the United States, their difficult life here. We learn a sweeping, terrible history — the French occupation, the war, the stark division of the country, the rising power of the Communists, the brutality of the regime, the dangerous exodus of citizens — but always she brings it back to an intimate level. Politics are skimmed over; what is important are the bewildered people, trying to survive as their world changes and threatens them. The details she records are unforgettable: a famished mother and son devouring a bit of sausage. A boy hiding underwater from soldiers until he nearly drowns.

View all newsletters in the newsletter archive today. The Best We Could Do features artwork so beautiful and story so intimate that I couldn't put it down. At the heart of Bui's story is a universal struggle: While adjusting to life as a first-time mother, uncluttered and clear in its objective, she ultimately discovers what it means to be a parent-the endless sacrifices. It is a single-minded effort. And I am happy with that.

Browse all of the exceptional memoirs that made our list. Hello, Login. Visit Our Stores. I was secretly harboring doubts about my marriage From Powells. Not only is The Best We Could Do a beautiful story about family; it is also a great overview of the history of Vietnam. Thi Bui is about to have a child of her own, so she sets out to try to understand her parents and their history.


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This was a great autobiography graphic novel. She explores the histories of both her parents and grandparents in Vietnam. Read past issues. If you'd like to know more about the backstory of writing and publishing this memoir, please see Elyse's heartfelt review.


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