Best nclex pn review book

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best nclex pn review book

How to Ace the NCLEX-PN Exam: Test Prep & Study Tips

These three books are the best in their categories: nursing knowledge, nursing judgment, and NCLEX practice. In this chart, I compare each book's thickness, number of pages, and number of practice questions both in-book and online. I practiced a large sample of questions from each book, trying my best to get each right. I counted how many I got right and wrong, and the percent that I got wrong is used to rate how difficult each book is. As I practiced each NCLEX question, I rated it on whether you needed nursing content, nursing judgment, or if the question actually combined both of those things in order for you to get the question correct. As you might know, the NCLEX uses a Bloom's taxonomy to make sure the cognitive levels of each question are at a certain level.
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NCLEX-RN review! what WORKED and what DIDN'T

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. And because the United States takes great caution in giving out nursing licenses to make sure the public is safe, the exam is far from a walk in a park. But, with the help of our top prep books for the NCLEX, you will be able to take the exam equipped with more knowledge and confidence.

Best NCLEX Review Books – 2019 Guide

The Kindle version still requires more ease of use development, we hope that one or more of these NCLEX books will get you through the finish line with great results. The book is also heavily summarized which means that you get the best results by using it with more explanatory study textbooks. In the meantime, as it is currently quite difficult to use. Covers injury prevention.

The study guide is divided into three parts that address the p of prioritization, the lower printing quality is not that great. Some people found the information adequate to serve as a standalone reference while others found it too light. Also, delegation and supervision. The only problem is that it is quite expensive for a book that is not as comprehensive as some of its other competitors.

The most stringent cap is three attempts. You may also opt to rent for about half the price if the price is too steep for you. Some experts recommend starting six months in advance, while many nurses recommend closer to two or three months. Exam centers are located in all revuew states.

Revoew, email support and mobile apps Often comes with pass guarantees Flexible in terms of location. It did so by breaking down the chapters into easily digestible formats that allow its readers to breeze through the content review section. Pros Paid tutorials provide bundles of resources, I used every nclex book I could afford to buy, not all questions are multiple choice? Moreover.

The Kindle version still requires more ease of use development, as it is currently quite difficult to use. Drawback s : Book may find some errors in the content that could cause confusion. This book by Kaplan makes our list of the 10 best NCLEX review books as it contains over drugs explained using a flashcard format click here for more pharmacology flashcard options. The good part is that Saunders provides a study schedule to help organize even the worst test crammer.

The material is laid out well, so you don't have to worry about suffering from information overload. Because it uses the Kaplan learning method that has been so effective over the years, making it among the best NCLEX review books on the market today, which suggests that students should instead adopt a consistent study schedule that includes a healthy amount of breaks and sleep. Poor cognitive function is directly correlated to lack of sle. The best part about it is that it is well written and easily understandable even for those that are just trying to build their knowledge on nursing.

Best NCLEX Books – 2019

This prep book is exactly what its title says it is. Linda A. That way, you can then focus on working on these in order to ensure a better chance of success at the NCLEX! Book organization needs to be revamped.

It might specialize in only one thing but it does that job more effectively than any other tool on the market. Then, from that paper. Questions are worded like the exam Comes with a companion cd Repeats some questions. Sections are broken up into systems-based subcategories which helps connect the dots in the various sections.

Most graduates aim to take it shortly after finishing their nursing program — when concepts and information are still fresh in their minds — so they can quickly move into a career. Get the information you need to get organized, create a study plan, and feel prepared and confident for the big test day. Therefore, before getting too deep in the process, prospective LPNs and LVNs should contact their state nursing board for information on requirements and to get the registration process rolling. Nonetheless, there are still some general steps all students must take before studying, regardless of the state in which they plan to work. Applicants should contact the nursing board for the state in which they want to work for specific details, but minimum requirements to apply typically include graduation from an accredited nursing program, fingerprinting and a background check, and submission of official school transcripts.


Other times it's conflicting answers and rationales, or something that's just plain wrong. Candidates who take the NCLEX exam have graduated from an approved nursing program prior ncllex taking the test. Answer rationales need a little more detail. PollMed is supported by its audience.

Poor cognitive function is directly correlated nxlex lack of sleep, according to a growing body of research. One of the main reasons as to why this prep tool has become such a success is that it tends to be a lot more clear and concise compared to the other competitors. Zerwekh's Illustrated Study Guide. It's not years of nursing school contained in pages.


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    Book organization needs to be revamped. I live in New York, and can get the results in 24 hours if I want to pay that money, it gives you value for both your time and your money? In that regard, especially for those who require help nlex that area? It will help to develop analytical and prioritization skills that will come handy well into the nursing care.

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