The best vegan thanksgiving recipes

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the best vegan thanksgiving recipes

35 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes » I LOVE VEGAN

Want more easy vegan recipes? Join our vegan Facebook community below! Keep reading to find out which store-bought vegan turkey substitute I think is the best! A traditional Thanksgiving meal consists of a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, and some type of dessert. This is the best part! Vegans can eat everything that I listed above because there is a compassionate veganized recipe for each traditional dish.
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How To Host A Vegan Thanksgiving

Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Menu That Every New Vegan Needs

All fhanksgiving these breakfasts look incredible. Get the recipe from My California Roots. Thanks for being such a great resource for those of us with food intolerances. Vegan Sweet Potato Pie.

Serious. You can never have too many desserts in your spread. Roasted Brussels Sprouts! Farro Salad - You can make this the day before and serve it warm or cold!

Vegam vegetable potato croquettes are delicious baked or fried. Thanks for these. Crispy smashed Creamer potatoes topped with savoury mushroom gravy, a touch of tangy-sweet cranberry sauce, start looking for recipes a few weeks in advance. On that note.

My California Roots. We sure hope so. Apple cider and red onion add extra zippy flavor to this vegqn recipe you can make all autumn long. If you feel that mashed potatoes are overdone.

Passing on the turkey and skipping anything with cream doesn't mean you have to sacrifice all the Thanksgiving classics. Try one of these vegan variations instead. Need more meat-free inspiration?
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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Cuisine: American. If you're thqnksgiving anxious and overwhelmed about doing all of this hello, welcome to my life. Swap out the butter for vegan butter. Green Bean Casserole.

Most people think the star of Thanksgiving dinner is the roasted turkey , which, don't get us wrong, is an important part of many family's feasts. However, for those who don't eat meat or any animal products, the holiday isn't about a giant bird at all. At one time, plant-based and animal product-free ideas might have been limited, but thanks to these delicious vegan Thanksgiving recipes, the options are plentiful. If you're concerned about missing out on all the popular holiday recipes just because you're vegan, don't worry. There are vegan versions available of all the beloved dishes served on Thanksgiving , including green bean casserole , apple pie , and sweet potato casserole. Of course, there are a handful of healthy options on this list—specifically the vegetable side dishes —but there are also plenty of indulgent plates to try too. It is a holiday, after all!


Holiday Roasted Vegetables. Thanksgiving Cauliflower. Vegan Cheesecake. Try one of our hearty vegetarian fall dishes.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and thank you for all of your recipes. A lovely naturally sweetened twist on sweet potato and toasted marshmallow casserole. Boozy Cranberry Sauce makinglifedelicious. The ultimate turkey sub.

Christopher Testani. Meat less Lentil Loaf oneingredientchef. More From Best Vegan Recipes. Chai Spiced Pumpkin Layer Cakerecipe here.

The First Mess. Get the recipe at The First Mess. Our most popular Thanksgiving recipe. If I was cooking a Thanksgiving feast this year, this is what my dream menu would look like and these are the great vegan recipes for Thanksgiving that I would choose:.


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    An easy recipe for classic veganized stuffing with a deliciously crisp golden-brown top and a perfectly soft center. Simply sub in one of these easy ideas from our collection of mouthwatering vegan Thanksgiving recipes to please not just your animal product-free friend, but all your guests at the table. Just put them in your Instant Pot before baking. I will be making every single one of these in the next few months.

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    Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes | Minimalist Baker Recipes

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    Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Menu That All New Vegans Need

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    When it comes to thanksgiving, there are two types of vegans: 1 those who sit in the corner pathetically munching on a whole sweet potato while their omnivorous families enjoy a feast, or 2 those who take matters into their own hands and make phenomenal vegan recipes that everyone loves. To get you started off on the right foot this holiday season, here is a collection of 28 incredible vegan thanksgiving recipes from around the web:. Thanks, Magdalena! 🛌

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