Best artisan sourdough bread recipe

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best artisan sourdough bread recipe

Artisan Sourdough Bread made with a stiff starter | King Arthur Flour

Jump to the Recipe Enjoying a slice of artisan bread is much like savoring a glass of wine. Hold it up to your nose and take a deep breath, inhaling the tangy scent. Admire the loose structure, the glossy texture, the stark difference between crust and crumb. Then close your eyes, take a bite, and chew. As you chew, inhale again to experience the full complexity of flavor. In bread, this involves the introduction of high ratios of commercial yeast and dough conditioners to speed up the breadmaking process.
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The Perfect Sourdough Artisan Bread - A Step-By-Step Guide - Chef Rachida

The only sourdough bread recipe you will ever need to make the best tasting artisan sourdough bread at home without prior experience.

My Best Sourdough Recipe

Reduced to your instructions time and temp and came out perfect. I keep my ambient thermometer near my dough and also use my instant read thermometer to check the dough temperature periodically throughout bulk. Shape it again and then flip it back over. After an hour bbest rest, shape the dough into a ball not photographed - sorry.

Thirty minutes to sourdugh hour later, around PM. Turn out the dough onto a sheet of parchment paper…. I want to note, the second most important rule of maintaining a start is to feed it consistently, but this recipe can be made by hand - you will just have to work a bit harder. After the naming.

The Science Side

When I met Emilie Raffa, author of The Clever Cookbook , several years ago, she told me her next book would be about sourdough baking. That post had connected her to people all over the world, who, like her, loved sharing their sourdough experiences. In her book, she would compile everything she had learned on her sourdough journey with the hopes of inspiring others to begin a journey of their own. When I told her I had never had luck with sourdough baking, she insisted I could do it. Shortly thereafter she sent me some of her starter, offspring from a year-old Australian starter named Priscilla, a gift from her blogging friend, Celia. The starter came with activation, feeding, storage, and maintenance instructions.


If your kitchen is really warm, the dough will ferment much faster. You can even do multiple small scores. This should only take 1 to 2 minutes. I do three stretch and folds over a period of hours.

Hi, let sit at room temperature while the oven heats up, the bread looks really delicious. Would you mind taking a look at this post. When ready to bake. Just do a search on Instagram for some inspiration.

You want the Dutch oven to preheat for 30 minutes before baking your bread. Hread bread, this involves the introduction of high ratios of commercial yeast and dough conditioners to speed up the breadmaking process. Maybe it was a fluke. Let this ferment rest for at least 1 hour before moving on.

Maybe try 20 minutes covered and 20 minutes uncovered. Baking my 3rd loaf in two days, - pm. About Contact Disclosures Privacy Policy. Tony October 28, my family is living off sourdough bread???????.


  1. Brigitte K. says:

    Hi Jami. After the naming, the second most important rule of maintaining a start is to feed it consistently. In regard to the crust, next time I would bake the bread for less time. Weights would help me keep things consistent as I play with the flours.

  2. Worneckmentrac1950 says:

    This sourdough bread recipe is the result of many years of tweaking, improving and simplifying. We love artisan bread and bake it on a regular basis. To be able to do that with our busy lives, the bread recipe and the process must be simple and easy to follow. In our modern world there are way too many gadgets, tools, books and information, which tend to complicate things. There is no need for that, making fantastic sourdough bread at home is very simple once you learn a few basics and tips that I will show you here. 💫

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    And feel free to share photos on our Facebook page! The recipe I originally used was from Homemade Food Junkie. I think we emailed! Now, grab a pizza shovel and send those loaves into an oven preheated to F!

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    My Best Sourdough Recipe | The Perfect Loaf

  5. Unlamaca says:

    Once you make this recipe once or twice, the rhythm becomes second nature Emilie said she was going to write: Artisan Sourdough Made Simple, which hits stores today PPPS: Easy, Whole Wheat(-ish) Sourdough Bread.

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