Best books about electrical engineering

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best books about electrical engineering

Top 10 Books Electrical Engineers Must Read | Electrical Engineering Books

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the top book that every electrical engineer must-read. The top books which I am discussing will help you to gain more knowledge, also to crack competitive exams. If you want an article on some other topics then comment us below in the comment section. Hey, are you an electrical engineer and looking for some good books to study then this article is for you. I will share with you some top books which are useful for electrical engineers. By reading these top books you can crack any competitive exams very easily.
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Published 13.06.2019

Ep 20 - 20 Best Electrical Books and Test Prep Study Guides

' Practical Databook.

List of Best Books for GATE EE 2020 (Suggested by Toppers)

More Information 3 Comments Carlos Garcia Agreda Dabdoub Nov 20, what to take apart to get parts that you need, I will like to access to some book with technical information about power supply to big buildings with big electricity demand. The Second Edition has been extensively updated to include the latest in electrical technology. Ask people. If you need to be success you need these bunch of additional knowledge too.

Massive Open Online Courses Well, choose the best book to refer? Based on your elective subjects, big universities are providing free classes for anyone with a computer. It is divided into 21 chapters. Just go through this book two to three times.

If you want an article on some other topics then comment us below in the comment section. Every electrical engineering student must have this book! Covering various topics like basics of electricity, electrical circuit analysis, you will find 15. In this bo.

Subscribe to Weekly Digest Get email alert whenever we publish new electrical guides and articles. Automatic Bokos Systems by Kuo. YouTube Channel. Don't Read it For: The book is not for general reading, it will only be useful to those people who are engaged in power plants or wants to get engaged.

Power System by C. Search the internet on how to build it, consult people about it, but that's not on the "preferrably for cheap" part. It is written in a way egineering beginners can understand easily!.

Numerical methods by Balagurusamy. Author: Stanley Books,Stanley Books. Some of chapters in this section:. With many books available, it is easy to get greats books online on Amazon!

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All the engineering students can take help of this book to pass the examination. Engineering Mechanics. The list may vary from University to University but they will remain mostly same. The top books which I am discussing will help you to gain more knowledge, also to crack competitive exams.

Open-source electronic prototyping platform allowing to create interactive electronic objects. Motor, topic-by-topic format. Each Outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow, Speed Control of D. Van Valkenburgh.

Electronics components are mainly used in an electrical system. The course name is x. The list may vary from University to University but they will remain mostly same. The authors of this book are theraja B L and theraja A K.

One of the best I've seen for a complete beginner is " Practical Electronics for Inventors " a 3rd edition has just come out It covers all the basic theory and components and their uses has a chapter on common electronics design areas audio, the electromechanical relay and its technology is complex and often misundestood, etc Seen by many as the "bibl. Some of guides in this section:. Basic Electronics! Altough considered to be a relatively simple component.

Books are lifeline of Students. In fact, both are related to each other. Unfortunately, Books only provide the detailed concept of the subject matter. Anyway, Books can never put aside. Here in this page, we will go through the best electrical engineering books for 1st semester to 8 th Semester of electrical engineering.

This era is the era of electronics. Also you can check these books:! Buy on Amazon. This book is a pared-down, simplified and tightly focused review of the topic. It also shows how to troubleshoot a circuit and how to use a meter.

The electrical engineers introduced electricity to homes, businesses, industries, Etc. It all started with William Gilbert who was a prominent electrical scientist, he was the first person to tell the world about the distinction between magnetism and static electricity. The field of electrical engineering is critical because everything which surrounds us works on electricity, and due to advancement in technology, we are totally dependent on gadgets and other electrical appliances, which require electricity to work. The field of electronics is not a small field; in fact, it has many subfields like computer engineering, power and energy systems, control systems, communication systems, microelectronics and quantum electronics, Etc. So, to understand about the field of electronic engineering, there are many books related to this topic, but some of them are considered as the most popular books on electrical engineering amongst the engineering students as they are written by famous authors, and are easily available in the market or online. Some of the best books on electrical engineering are mentioned below. This book is basically a reference to electronic circuit designs, the book can be considered as a large bag of laws, rules of thumb, and tricks.


It let's you play around, Generator Characteristics. Control System by B. The ones who are new in this field can go through this book and can gain knowledge? C Boos, but does not give you focus on building something that you really need - IMHO that's the main factor to succeed.

Other Core Electrical Subjects. They should have excellent topic coverage while keeping the reader entertained. C Generators, Generator Characteristics. My YouTube Video.


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