Best books on chess opening theory

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best books on chess opening theory

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Despite the technological progress, these days chess books are still one of the most common chess training sources for players of all levels. Huge databases, strong chess engines, and chess training websites overwhelm most chess players with plenty of information. However, many players have a tough time selecting appropriate material out of seemingly endless sources. At this point, chess books are a treasure trove for us. Good chess books provide us with well-structured lessons on different topics.
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5 Essential Chess Books - Starting a Chess Library

Chess Opening Theory

For the advanced, intermediate and above player. Beating 1. One of the best books on ALL Chess openings where opennig can follow through to end game in most cases. This is a bit of an over-generalisation.

I studied the other endgame types too, but nearly everyone studies rook endgames and many minor piece endings are easy enough to figure out Bookks though obviously there are exceptions here. He especially likes to push many pawns queen side, and I have yet to fully learn how to utilize tempo and peice development to crush this lack of proper chess gameplay. The move 1. You are currently looking at the page for the initial position - the way the pieces are laid out when you first set them up on the board.

Nd7, 3 or 4 games of each of the two main Advanced Variation lines! K is home row so it's especially bad. So as White you have a variety of choices. Nc3 a6.

Laid out in question and answer format, in particular by Kasparov in his World Championship match against Karpov. If you want to know the real reason the grandmasters are playing one opening move instead of another, Mr, and think tempos. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is the least bit into Chess strategy or if you want to buy a gift for someone who is into Chess. This opening has been played at the highest levels.

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Nf6 4. Chess Openings For Dummies. Active 3 years, 5 months ago. A four-volume series.

Be sure to check out all four volumes. Only 8 left in stock more on the way. Starting Out: Alekhine's Defense? From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

What it says in the topic. Basically something that doesn't hand out reams of variations with superficial comments like "And white is slightly better", yet aren't too general like Fine's Ideas Behind the Chess Openings. The opening itself doesn't matter since ideas and patterns can apply to other openings too at times. Includes at least some whole games or at least only cuts off where one side is obviously winning. I am with you in this search! To be honest, I am reading books but they always feel a bit lackluster. They contain a lot of informatin and so cannot focus on one so very deeply.

This book is great for a beginner. Bg5 Be7. O-O Be7. Viewed 7k times. The Chigorin Defence Move by Move.

Here is a sampling of good chess openings books, particularly suitable for the improving chess amateur - from beginner to Master, and beyond. Move By Move" and "First Steps Explained" series by Gambit Publications. They can certainly get you started in the right direction. By John Emms. Be aware that this is not an openings reference or manual of opening variations; it is not intended to provide comprehensive coverage of specific openings.


Again, I would pick up books specific to the opening you want to learn, so I was really happy with the OTB experiences I had with the openings in this book. The Mastering the Chess Openings book that you mention is 1 of a set of 4. I struggle as opning more than white. John Walker.

Pity you're not a diamond member. Being familiar with chess you will probably have settled on what kind of player you are, and therefore what types of openings suit your style. All three books above cover all variations of the Scandinavian? Related 6.

You have to "Look Inside" to see how awful it is, haha. The QID begins 1. It's far less selective and sophisticated than Watson.

While some of Fine's analysis of specific lines may be challenged by recent opening theory, your understanding of the openings will certainly improve, also covering its variations. The Benko Gambit Revealed? For learning about specific openings I can recommend the Starting Out series by Everyman Chess which covers the selected opening ches a very clear and instructive manner.


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