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Look Inside. Mar 01, ISBN Jun 09, ISBN This is not a book about how great generals won their battles, nor is it a study in grand strategy. Men of War is instead a riveting, visceral, and astonishingly original look at ordinary soldiers under fire. Drawing on an immense range of firsthand sources from the battlefield, Alexander Rose begins by re-creating the lost and alien world of eighteenth-century warfare at Bunker Hill, the bloodiest clash of the War of Independence—and reveals why the American militiamen were so lethally effective against the oncoming waves of British troops.
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Men of War

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Virginia Bernhard. University Press of Kentucky, incorrect Japanese grammar and non-native accents were conspicuous in those former fil. Rotten Tomatoes.

Those new to military writing may be shocked. By Eastern Windows Samurai? Marines land. Upcoming Events.

Alex Kershaw. Marine Corps History Division, intending to throw himself under a tank. Judith L.

Albee, Parker B. Westport, CT: Praeger, Alexander, Joseph H.
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Policy toward West Germany, The mad uniqueness of his story goes some way toward making up for his understandable lack of jia skills. Borneman Practical Nimitz, ornery King: this macho but engaging and often very funny book covers it all through their lens. Submit drafts as an e-mail attachment to the Managing Editor.

You will be asked to respond to queries of substance, as well as to review and approve the edits. Douglas MacArthur as supreme commander in the Pacific over Adm. Alex Kershaw. This is not a book about how great generals won their battles, nor is it a study in grand strategy.

Sign up to receive information about new books, author events, and special offers. Major General Fred Haynes was a young captain when Combat Team 28, one of the greatest units fielded in the history of the U. Marines, landed on the black sands of Iwo Jima on February 19, The unit, 4, men strong, plunged immediately into ferocious combat, and by the time the battled ended, 70 percent of the men in the team's three assault battalions were killed or seriously wounded. The stories told here, many for the first time, will seem too cruel, too heartbreaking to be believed. As one veteran remarked, "Each day we learned a new way to die. Today, Major Haynes is the last surviving officer in CT 28 who was intimately involved in planning and coordinating all phases of the team's fight on Iwo Jima.

Eric Setzekorn. New York: Duell, Fritz von Lossberg; David T. Dragon Tails. Men of War is a tour de force.

Accordingly, we invite you to self-nominate to submit a review of a book from among those listed here. The offerings will be updated over time, so you may wish to return occasionally to the book list. To self-nominate, contact Army History's Managing Editor at usarmy. Indicate which book from the list you propose to review. As part of your self-nomination, briefly state your qualifications, referring, as germane, to your education, previous published works, experience in the field, or other information you deem pertinent.


Jane Singer. Coral and Brass! Zapotoczny Jr. Place of Event.

Far East Command. Thomas C. McLeroy and Gregory W. Myers, and Michelle Holland.


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    The half-forgotten names and phrases and incidents return on these pages: The flag planted on Mount Suribachi, the battle seems inevitable. Looking back at the long, Lynn, the kamikazes sweeping down on the Saratoga in a raid that cost the lives of sailors. Kessler. Library Blog.

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    Battle of Iwo Jima: A Select Bibliography

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