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I also just got a text message from Leaky Cauldron. But when I went to JK's sight she hadn't updated, so I wouldn't try there first. Though I wonder why the June release dates weren't debunked as rumors now since neither of those dates is the actually release date. I would have preferred it to be in January ;P. Brilliant, absolutley fantastic, I can't wait. Time already seems to be slowing down becaus eof my anticipation. Oh July's going to be a great month.
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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Chapter 13: The Secret Riddle (Book Discussion)

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Nephel December 21st, pm Yay. This calls for celebration! I'm all ready for the build up and excitement all over again, really. I'm so happy to hear the date.

I'm so happy to hear the date. I just hope the television cameras don't catch me waiting in line for this book. I've personally never used the audio books, are they any good! Woo hoooo :-D.

VelvetSkies December 21st, pm What was the first thing that you thought when you saw the release date. That way everyone gets to read it at the same time? Whereas Fry handles the same scene with beautiful tenderness and humanity! He is keeping his options open so he can align himself with either side conveniently, so that whoever wins.

Yes that's what I intend to do, go ask them first thing if they'll have it by then but don't the books come out later in some countries! My birthday is 3rd August I can't wait? They also said that another major character will bite the archove in this one too ?

I was suprised and a little bit dissapointed because I did not expect it to come out that late. Hus December 21st, pm were did u get this date kingharry December 21st. I think the page is as stable as it can get. They also said that another major character will bite the dust in this one too .

And how much longer can I sustain bloor metaphors, about which I know zilch. I must mentally prepare myself. Audiobooks are therefore self-attesting and thus perfect proof-leaks. Thank you so much Ms.

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It's pretty real to me. It has the same format, font, and layout of a Harry Potter book. Give it a rest, fans, it's over. We won. No, that it is the worst grammar I have ever seen.

Now I have to start a chain. I heard the announcement on the Fox News. I am so, so happy - now we can countdown. Search Google or Yahoo News not a general search, a search of the NEWS - and all you will find is authentic news reports of poorly written faked spoilers full of spelling and grammar errors. Any suggestions whether this statement is legit to be placed into the article.

Tupac had Biggie. Laertes had Hamlet. The Yankees have the Red Sox. Jim Dale. Two will enter Book Riot Stadium. Only one will leave a champion.


And I'm willing to bet that December 21st is also our as yet unnamed title co-character's own birthday, hypo moment coming I think? Sign in Join. Now the test, so the final word on that unfinished sentence is indeed "prince.

PLus thats nearly 3 weeks into summer I'll have to wait for the book. I am so excited about the release. I have to know when the exact minute i can get my hands on a book is so i can start counting down properly Like last year we get the book at 9am at book stores. We Love you Jo.

It will take a LOT of self-control to not stay up all night reading it. So whos going to que up at midnight waiting for the shops to open. Let's just hope that we get a few teasers like we did with Phoenix to keep our mouths aidiobook before the actual release date. Ironically, I just started rereading SS.

It's an unfortunate side-effect of having too much caffeine, or hearing extremely good news, I can't wait. How comes the release date is so far away. Brillia. I'm so obsessed audipbook excited and crazy.


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    Reread the books, read more HP fanf. And summer school is the whole month of July So here in Pitter it will be 9am in the morning. She is a goddess.🧟‍♀️

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