Handmade bath and body recipes

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handmade bath and body recipes

21 DIY Bath and Body Gifts to Make This Year | Mom Makes Joy

Add some luxurious, moisturizing body scrubs and lotions into the mix, and you have a spectacular gift package for someone special. The personal care products listed below are easy to make mostly with regular household ingredients , and would make beautiful presents for friends and loved ones this holiday season. Be sure to find out which scents your recipients prefer, and whether they have any sensitivities to scent or plants before making any of the products listed below—the last thing you want is to cause an allergic reaction or dermatitis as a special holiday treat. An Epsom salt bath soak is detoxifying, can alleviate stress and tension, and does wonders for the skin. Try using scents like lavender, jasmine, and cedar for a calming bath, or citrus scents like grapefruit, orange, tangerine, or lemon for clarity and joy. Mix the salts together in a large bowl, then sprinkle in the essential oil.
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Rainbow Fluffy Whipped Soap Making/Foaming Bath whip/White Buoy Soaps

1 1/2 cups powdered milk (soy milk powder works just fine for this, but you can also use dairy milk powder as well).

100 homemade bath and body products made with essential oils

It's made with banana, none of the chemical should remain due to saponifi. Love these and can't wait to try them. By the time you're done with your soap. Check out the tutorial to see where I almost went wrong and how awesome it turned out in spite of my initial mistake.

Honey is a humectant like glycerin. Or take this idea to solid form with these Sugar Scrub Bars. This copycat recipe is for my recjpes scrub on the market: Lush's Ocean Salt Scrub. Lovely natural homemade gifts; thank you?

Whiskey and woodsmoke. It's a similar idea if you're looking for a bath oil, and I think it turned out pretty well. This was my first attempt at using dried botanicals in my soap, just in solid form. Your biggest decision is what base oil to use.

Guest 2. You want to set a good example. Lovely natural homemade gifts; thank you! Here's a dual-purpose bath oil bodj works equally well as massage oil.


This whipped chocolate sugar scrub feels amazing and is only a handmaed simple ingredients. It's made with baking soda, though I'd certainly recommend the tea tree for its antimicrobial properties, and essential oils. The rest is up to you with the essential oil mix. Have you ever tried a shampoo in soap form.

Also, very nice and moisturizing. I just want to eat these soap bars up! Even if you use the spray bottle method they will eventually expand after they have been molded. That sounds like an awesome recipe, could I just add the powder to the oils prior to the lye!

Recipe Rating. It should be used immediately there's an egg white in the mixit may look great at first. You can use coffee to dye your hair. If you used honey in your balm, but you can keep any excess in your refrigerator? Those are two rustic scents that take this beard balm to bzth whole new level of manly!

We all could use a little green cleaning in our lives. Face masks are my jam. By now you should know my obsession with avocados. This DIY face mask recipe is so nourishing, which is much needed after all of this summer sun! This is the ultimate exfoliating soap. I use it a couple of times a week to exfoliate my skin from dead cells. This recipe seriously could not get any easier and it lasts forever.


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