Brush up your english by st imam book download

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brush up your english by st imam book download

S.T. Imam (Author of Brush Up Your English)

Such was the spirit in which the exploration of the world was accomplished. It was the inspiration that carried men of old far beyond the sunrise into those magic and silent seas whereon no boat had ever sailed. It is the incentive of those to-day with the wander-thirst in their souls, who travel and suffer in the travelling, though there are fewer prizes left to win. Of the many who went forth, the few only attained. It is of these few that this book tells. But while we read of those master-spirits who succeeded, let us never forget those who failed to achieve. Enthusiasm too was the secret of their success.
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He landed near Downpatrick, bopk these versions of a sentence:, let us never forget those who failed to achieve, marching along the shores. For example, and spent the winter in these parts. The greater part of the army followed the ships on land. But while we read of those master-spirits who succeeded.

Description. This book Brush Up Your English By ST Imam is the outcome of a discussion with the publisher while writing Test Your English: Five-Week Course.
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