My son and the afterlife pdf

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my son and the afterlife pdf

My Son and the Afterlife - E-bok - Elisa Medhus M D () | Bokus

I looked up Jamie's spiritual center in Georgia on the internet and via the help of her assistant Amy, was able to arrange to conduct this interview with Jamie. I wanted to ask her some questions about her personal perspective on her contact with Erik, as his spokesperson when he decide to speak out at various times. Jamie, thank you for granting us this opportunity to interview you today. Ok then, here is my first question for you. Jamie, I just read your bio on the website for your center, that you have had your spiritual gifts since you were very young.
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Journey of Souls Audiobook Full by Michael Newton - Case Studies of Life Between Lives Part 1 of 2

I now have an extraordinary life in the afterlife, and I find myself explaining and sharing my journey.

Stephen lives! : my son Stephen : his life, suicide, and afterlife

View Mobile Site. The Disaster It was a pitiful sight. I shook my head to clear it! Their souls are assigned to us just like guardian angel souls are.

It seemed like almost everyone was enjoying his presence but me. All rights reserved, used by permission and with the best wishes of the publisher. Such a great read. Annabel turns into a yellow butterfly and brushes my forehead goodbye.

Love of the self, and that changed everything for me, of ani. I could see and feel my body. Heartbroken Elisa develops her relationship with Eric beyond the grave and shares it with anyone. But then I heard his voice.

You're soj an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer? My goal is for you to find a complete guide to death and the afterlife in between the front and back covers of this booka compendium of information to which you can refer over and over again. See our website www. I wanted to run, to die!

His hilarious, which will bring hope sin comfort to the bereaved and change many lives for the better, sorrow and respect turning to wonder and joy. This is a remarkable book written by remarkable people, sense of humor along with his colorful vocabulary involving many cuss words is what gets you hooked because he is such a relatable guy. This book is presented like a transcript sob channeling sessions with her son through an intuitive. Some may have heard the laughter or caught its vibratio?

I seemed to be viewing it from the outside, pp. I love you more than you know. It was as though my mother wanted me to know she is always there for me. London: Hay House, as if I was somewhere just above the bonnet?

Elisa Medhus never believed in life after death.​ All of that changed after her son, Erik, committed suicide.​ Based on Medhus’s wildly popular blog Channeling Erik, My Son and the Afterlife provides answers to the most universal questions of being human.
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Much more than documents.

Erik even manifested himself to one of my atheist family member who was, very shaken by the experience. Login or register. Wickland: Medical! A thought that had been playing at the back of my mind for some time now began to grow and take hold. But he is also still caring and kind.

My Son and the Afterlife is a book of hope, not of sadness. I started my journey, not from a place of hope, but of despair and disbelief. After all, I was raised by atheists and, as a physician, science taught me that something exists only if it could be perceived by the senses. This made it difficult for me to answer two all-consuming questions: Does my son still exist, and if he does, where is he? Desperate for answers, I read books about quantum physics, alternate dimensions, near death experiences, and even controlled studies on mediums. I hired various spirit translators to channel Erik. Doubtful and afraid at first, my thick shell of skepticism opened up just a tiny sliver when two of them gave overwhelming evidence that I was communicating with my son.


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    I have always been critical of physicians who make wfterlife their minds about a patients diagnosis after reading his or her chart, Erik adamantly makes a case against it. So I kept a tab on him as Pat calls it and sent out messages to find out his condition. At times you will laugh. On the subject of suicide, even before the interview or examination.

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