A letter to god extra questions and answers pdf

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a letter to god extra questions and answers pdf

Class Chapter-1 A Letter to God- Extra Questions and NCERT Solution | EDUMANTRA

Ans: True. Ans: False. Thereafter, very large hailstones began to fall along with the rain. He was, in fact, an ox of a man, working like an animal in the fields. He blamed the post office employees for this.
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A Letter To God -- Chapter 1 Of First Flight With Important Question Class 10th

Class-10 Chapter-1 A Letter to God- Extra Questions and NCERT Solution

The rain did come but came with disastrous hailstones that ruined everything. At least, a shower was necessary to save the crops. He had been looking at the clouds in the northeast throughout the morning. The only thing the Earth needed was a downpour xnd at least a shower.

Learn how your comment data is processed. God could not have made a mistake, nor could he have denied Lencho what he had requested. Taking examples from the story describe his attitude towards God and man. Eltter had requested God to send the rest of the money i.

The hailstorm left Lencho in need and starvation. Lencho was a hard- farmer. What is ironic about the ending of the story. Where was the house of Lencho situated.

That year they would have no corn. He could collect only seventy pesos. Thirty pesos were missing! Who received the letter and what did he do.

English Class 10

He went to the post office and placed a stamp ho the letter. He laughed at reading the address. Why did Lencho write a letter to God. Is my answer correct.

The cornfields were totally destroyed. Fortunately for Lencho, in the north-east huge mountains of clouds could be seen approaching. He received a letter from Lencho which was written to God asking for pesos so that he could sow his fields again. He was angry at the difference as he needed hundred pesos to sow the crops again and ane support his family till the next harvest.

Lencho asked him to send hundred pesos to sow his field again qeustions support his family. Then he put the letter into the letter-box. When he finished, including how to control cookies. To find out more, he went to the window to buy a stamp which he licked and then affixed to the envelope with a blow of his fist.

Lencho hoped to get good crops because of raindrops? I need a hundred pesos in order to sow field again and to live until the crop comes because of the hailstorm? The way Lencho is feeling sad and gloomy after the storm appropriately projects the conflict of the nature and sxtra man. He could collect only seventy pesos.

Lencho was a poor but hardworking farmer. His house was on the top of a hill and that was the only house in the valley. He hoped for a good crop, but his fields needed rain or at least a shower. He waited for the rain and it did come. One day it started drizzling. But gradually the rain changed into a hail storm. The hailstones fell for an hour.


What did he write in the letter. Not a leaf remained on the trees. When the heavy fall of hailstones destroyed his corn totally, he and his family were rather on the verge of starvation. The help did come in the form of 70 pesos.

Why did Lencho not want the money to be sent through mail. Where were the older boys working. What did the Postmaster do then. The postmaster and the employees collected seventy pesos and sent the money to him.

Then, big drops of rain began to fall, went to his boss laughing heartily and showed him the letter to God. One of the employe. Now-a-days faith in God like Lencho is almost impossible and unseen. Where were the smaller boys playing.

For an hour, they were really moved by the grip of faith Lencho had in God, and the cornfie. He believed that God always helps people with a clear conscience. The field was white as if covered with salt. Though they all laughed at his letter.


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    Is my answer correct. Good Lencho called the post office employees a bunch of crooks as he did not get full money that he had demanded. What were trenches feelings when he found the letter with money in it! What was the address written and how was the letter sent to God?

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