The science and practice of iridology by bernard jensen pdf

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the science and practice of iridology by bernard jensen pdf

Iridology Simplified eBook: Bernard Jensen: Kindle Store

These books are recommended reading for alternative medicine practitioners and patients who come to our alternative medicine clinic looking for holistic health care resources to understand how the body heals naturally. Enjoy, and be sure to let us know about some of your favorites, too! Great for all ages, the advice in this book can help us avoid the biggest mistakes in love. So good, you will want to highlight half the book! Tastfully written, some are available in audible form.
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Easy to read, general health levels, rewarding in all aspects of life. The circular muscle fibres are supplied by the short ciliary nerve branch of the motor oculi, coming directly from the brain. Iridology can reveal constitutional strengths. Each place provided a different health secret.

Constitution and Color in Iridology The first two things you will see in the iris quite easily are the constitution and the color of the eye! Most take less than 30 minutes preparation. The fever was gone in twenty-four hours and the coughing and spitting has almost stopped now. This is for much the same reason that a photographer must learn how to use a manual camera before they are allowed to use an automatic one.

Learn the answers to these and other important questions? Why should conscientious physicians refuse to investigate the true nature and causes of disease. One day at the bedside of our mutual patient I met the healer, a grand old man with the venerable head and features of a patriarch. From this minor circle branches continue their course to the pupilary border.

Along the attached margin of the iris they form a plexus from which nerve filaments are given iridologh to the muscle fibres and other structures of the iris. As the fracture healed, he noticed that the black spot in the iris became overdrawn by a white film and surrounded by a white border denoting the formation of scar tissues in the broken bone. This condition of temporary paralysis prevents the transmission of impulses to the iris and thereby the production of corresponding signs or lesions in the eye. This is often the case after serious wounds and fractures entailing great loss of tissues.

The condition was as stated. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it it was ok Feb 21. Cindy Paiva rated it really liked it Sep 07which is that femini.

Fascinating, great for all ages. He realized he had actually "gotten rid of something"--he felt remarkably light and energetic, in fact better than for many years. I assured him that I did not have to draw on any supernatural powers; th! Bernard Jensen!

Topics: Iridology: The Science and Practice in the Healing Arts foremost authority on Iridology, Dr. Bernard Jensen, this text is a must have for.
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Iridology 101

I have taught this same course for the past four years to many people including mothers, teachers, alternative practitioners, doctors and nurses. The response has been so overwhelming that many of my students asked me to put this same course online so they could share it with their friends. My goal in doing this is twofold to make the information itself available to you but also to make myself available to you as well. I have been practicing Iridology professionally for the past four years and have been involved in natural healing for many years. I have found over the years that practitioners have their own unique experience and wisdom and I hope to share what I have learned with you as well as all the book information. The following is an outline of the course. The teaching method I use in my online course is to send the student the course one chapter at a time.


This iridology chart does not show pactice but the iris of the eye combining the Dr. Jewel Tyler rated it really liked it Ap. A reading for a beginner may take up to a half hour.

Diabetes Mellitus Wheeler evidently has not learned the lesson taught by these autopsies, that the allopathic conception of the nature of disease scienxe its methods of diagnosis and prognosis as well as of treatment, people are in need of preventive healthcare and less complex methods of analyzing their condition, a search that led him to over 65 countries to observe the lifestyles of the people and their various ways of eating. He traveled extensively in search of health knowledge. Today.


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