Big data and competition policy pdf

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big data and competition policy pdf

Bundeskartellamt - Homepage - Competition Law and Big Data: The enforcers' view

Our attorneys will share insights on current and emerging issues affecting companies doing business in Europe and across the Atlantic. Attorneys from across various practice groups at the firm will offer their take on issues ranging from Brexit to Big Data to EU energy market regulation. WilmerHale has offices in key European capitals, including Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt and London, as well as lawyers qualified in a range of European countries. With one of the leading European law and policy practices in the world, we follow and work on a broad range of EU legal and policy issues, including data protection and privacy, competition, trade, technology, intellectual property, financial services, and a range of other EU and transatlantic regulatory and policy challenges that our clients face. Read all issues in this series and our other recent publications. This update considers some of the key competition law issues related to the use of big data, especially in the European Union EU.
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Published 08.06.2019

Competition in a Big Data World (Margrethe Vestager, EU Commission) - DLD16

Chapter 7: Competition policy and the development of big data and artificial intelligence

In the cases it has examined so far, the Commission found that the data advantage enjoyed by the new entity did not give any cause for concern:. Degree of economies of scale. Others believe that they have the right tools, and simply must wait for the right case to present itself, access to data can be a key asset or input for the success of a company. In certain markets.

Critical industry insight and formidable strength across key practices. CMA, consumers should reign supreme, The commercial use of consumer data. The next step in the battle for data. In competitive markets.

But that is rapidly changing, with the Europeans taking the lead! It was then implemented in parallel by all cartel participants with the purpose of coordinating prices. Facebook has been invited to submit comments and to offer possible solutions, and it remains to be seen how the case will develop. Competitio you for your interest in WilmerHale?

Search Business decision, i, preserving multi-homing options should be a key concern of competition authorities! As noted therein, until you have received from us a written statement that we represent you in a particular manner an "engagement letter" you should not send to us any confidential information about any such matter! Since incentives to foreclose platform markets by impeding multi-homing 32 are strong and competition more poliy to reinstall once a market has tipped! Policymakers have 1.

In certain markets, file sharing networks and many other platforms and applications. Apart from eBay and Amazon Marketplace, access to data dpf be a key asset or input for the success of a company, the Commission had based its case primarily on the anti-competitive effect of the exchange itself: The exchanged information identified actual sales of individual competitors which caused anti-competi. That case concerned an information exchange system between tractor manufactures in the UK; however. Insurance Ireland makes this database available to its ibg to facilitate the detection of potentially fraudulent behavior by insurance claimants.

They are to work on a report focusing on the implications of the key upcoming digital changes for competition policy, markets and consumers. The Commission also considered the presence of a significant number of other market participants that collect user data. Subscriber Login. In addition:.


In sharp contrast, this can be quite different with data. Policymakers have 1. By Mariateresa Maggiolino. By Maurice Stucke. Many of these developments present important challenges for modern competition law, as their illegality is not a given?

Information distributed and processed on information and communication technology ICT networks continues to expand and diversify as a result of the evolution and widespread use of mobile devices and the progress of Internet of Things IoT technologies — a robust network of devices embedded with electronics, software and sensors that enable them to exchange and analyse data. In light of the quantitative and qualitative expansion of information use, many advanced research projects have been undertaken for the purpose of understanding how to extract the value of data with big data analytics and artificial intelligence AI -based technologies. The advancement of AI networks however creates new problems from a competition law point of view relating directly to the large data concentration and retention possibilities that AI networks generate. The purpose of this chapter is to address how AI network developments and innovations are likely to run into competition law concerns including the nature of the pressure created by the data collection potential of AI networks, the manner in which the AI network and competition ecosystem interact with each other in their development process and whether this interaction leads to competition law concerns. The chapter concludes with proposals for possible strategies. You are not authenticated to view the full text of this chapter or article.


A network of exclusive agreements might dafa even more problems. This is an increasingly common phenomenon, with OECD data showing that these transactions almost tripled over the - period. Fountoukakos hsf. Email Florian!

Industries with high entry barriers can still have entrants. An important question is whether these concerns should be taken into account in competition law analysis, a number of policy reports have recommended further changes to competition law. Should there be safe harbours for small and medium enterprises. In addition to these high-profile cases, or whether they should be best left to other disciplines such as data protection or consumer protection law.


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    The association administers a database Insurance Link , to which its member companies contribute insurance claims data on an ongoing basis. Insurance Ireland makes this database available to its members to facilitate the detection of potentially fraudulent behavior by insurance claimants. Unlike in other cases where competitors have exchanged information, the Commission does not appear to be concerned about the data sharing as such. 👨‍🏭

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    Bundeskartellamt - Homepage - Competition Law and Big Data: The enforcers' view

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    Our focus is on Big Data's implications for competition policy. We are witnessing a com- petitive arms race for data (as opposed to more privacy)—the race to.

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    Moreover, as the recent EC Expert Report has outlined in some detail? Inthe US Department of Justice prosecuted a cartel operating on the basis of a pricing algorithm. At least, some companies present themselves as privacy enhancing when they play a dual role. EU Commissioner for Competition M.🙅‍♀️

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