Human anatomy and physiology atlas pdf

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human anatomy and physiology atlas pdf

Anatomy and Physiology - Open Textbook Library

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File Name: human anatomy and physiology atlas
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Published 08.06.2019

Atlas de Anatomia 3D [Human Anatomy Atlas] Como baixar e instalar!

Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy PDF

I would suggest significant changes if trying to adapt it to my own gross anatomy course, but my course is not necessarily the primary target of this text. If there is any obsolete knowledge, the book should be open for updating by anyone after approval? It helps students create a general schema of the overall purpose of each body system and how they work together to maintain homeostasis and growth. Human Anatomy Atlas annd.

Netter's work have been filled by digital rendering that strikes a balance between the accuracy I expect from computers but also the aesthetic I expect from the overall Atlas. The index contains links that take you directly to the corresponding section of the text where the topic is discussed. Otherwise, the content would be easy to update or add to in the future to keep pace with scientific discovery. The text interface and all images are very clear.

There is not enough genetic explanation on how we end up with millions of specific TCR bearing cells but that is not the scope of a sophomore level anatomy and physiology course. For my purpose, I am not one of them. Although many teachers might think that a science textbook does not need to worry about "cultural relevance", it is very comprehensive. Terminology is an important component of anatomy so terminology is required?

I think the text is clear in how it is presented and laid out! The Pedagogical Foundation and Features I think are a great addition to the content anatimy this textbook, and will be beneficial to the students. The use of hyperlinks ties the material together and provides additional support for a particular topic. The other commercially available text that I have used for Anatomy and Physiology was organized better!

There is another major issue that I had with this text that was not previously covered in this review form: the text book's images both the amount of images and their quality. Page Count : ad. I liked that the figures were right by the text where they were discussed. The materials included could be used to teach lower college-level human anatomy and physiology courses.

The text conveys the information in a very straightforward manner and I did not find anything to be offensive or insulting. This text meets my needs and is very easy to read and follow. By and large I found the text to be comprehensive in nature for an undergraduate A and P book. Netter, Stephen W.

At a Glance 1 Fundamentals and Cell Physiology 2 Nerve and Muscle, Physical Work 3 Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).
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Arlas needs to be more alternatives like this in other subjects as well. However, at times leaving large blank spaces and several pages between text that was interrupted for image insertion, but my course is not necessarily the primary target of this text. I would suggest significant changes if trying to adapt it to my own gross anatomy course. The images and charts are fine.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Students should find these options impactful and effecting in connecting the material to their day to day lives. However, these could be quickly and efficiently modified without need to extensively modify the overall content of the text. On the whole, There were fewer images in the open text compared to traditional texts and they were generally simpler in design and construction.


  1. Ulrich W. says:

    PDF | Atlas of Anatomy | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate. Anatomy and Physiology - Ross and Wilson.

  2. Astolpho D. says:

    Pocket Atlas of. Human Anatomy. Based on the International Nomenclature. Heinz Feneis. Professor. Formerly Institute of Anatomy. University of Tübingen.

  3. Pauline B. says:

    I found the content to be up-to-date. This is a good start point for freeing students from expensive traditional books and this is the trend to go. I had hoped that the ability to customize this text would permit its use in an anatomy-only course. There seems to be excessive white space when there are images too large for the current page where the text ends.

  4. Gigí A. says:

    They are informative and interesting reads. Multiple sections per chapter allow for the flow of information to be categorized properly and assignment of particular and distinct subject areas for the students, without them having to read pages per lecture. I found this text to be quite clinically oriented, as is appropriate for pre-health professional students. Assignment of readings for a specific topic are easy to make.

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