The magical and ritual use of perfumes pdf

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the magical and ritual use of perfumes pdf

The Ritual Magic Manual: A Complete Course in Practical Magic - PDF Free Download

Because of their power to elicit specific responses in the body and psyche, perfumes have, through the ages, occupied an important part in ritual. The kabbalistic theory is clear and useful, including Middle Pillar Exercise. Chapters on on perfume and incense blending include those for pleasing scents and for magical use. For herbal students, the middle of the book is the most rewarding. Each plant or animal source of that scent is discussed in detail, including synthetic, cruelty free, alternatives to animal scents. For example, the entry on Olibanum, Frankincense cover 3 pages on the history, trade, uses, value, botany, and blending scents.
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Hoodoo Magical Perfumes L.T. Piver & Florida Water

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The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes

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Gills: Almost entire width ofgillis attached to stem. Anybody at any level of occult development could find something of use in this book! Among the sacred forest giants were Parkia spp. For the herbal students the middle of the book is the most rewarding!

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