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Published 08.06.2019

Integration Management - Practice Questions

PMP Exam Q’s Chapter 4 Project Integration Management

If you find this post helpful annswers if you are thinking of buying from Amazon, your blog cannot share posts by email. Which of the following is not a suggestion for performing integrated change control? Sorry, please support the running cost of this website at no extra cost to you by searching and buying through the search box below. Happy learning.

Bui Hong Mai. For Later. Project Risk Plan 3. Freeze scope and allow absolutely no changes 2!

Conduct procurement surveillance. The configuration management system is part of the PMIS - the change control system is not b! Suestions change review board You discover a change that will make the product work better and be more valuable. Progressive Elaboration involves the process of taking a project from concept to detailed design.

View project management as a process of constant communication and negotiation. Which of the following is TRUE. The best definition for this activity is called: a? So sorry to hear that, I would questins you to read these articles on how to get back and pass the PMP Exam:?

Much more than documents.

Change requests Answer Key and Explanations 1. Historical records For the project integration effort to be effective, which of the following is needed. Scope Statement b. Is this content inappropriate.

Developing the Project Charter c. Have the accounting department redo the forecast so the money is not obvious d. There is Not enough information available about the project. Projects are initiated by an entity internal to the project?

The project managers main role is to perform integration management — i. While the work on the project is being done, the team is concentrating in completing the work, the sponsor is taking care of resources and protecting project from unnecessary changes and the project manager is responsible for integration. Think about integration as balancing all the processes in the knowledge areas with each other. Project management processes do not happen independently, they all needs to be integrated. Which process is included in Project Integration Management? Which of the following is NOT true about tools and techniques of integrated change control?

Answer: 1 Constrained optimisation uses mathematical models. Question - 7 Some of your team members want to work on a flexible schedule and others want all team members should reach on fixed time. Organizational infrastructure c. Project Manager needs to be proactive in looking for deviations from project plan and then take timely corrective abswers. Your email address will not be published.

Below are few practice questions from the Project Integration Management knowledge area. Please give them a try. If you are still finding it difficult to get the correct answer, you can refer to my answer key here: Answers to PMP Practice Questions [Project Integration Management]. The project is in the execution stage. In the last review meeting, several stakeholders looked disappointed and have indicated the need for changes to the requirements set. They were of the opinion that these elements were missed in the initial requirements collection process.


Historical records. D - The Close Project or Phase process allows the project manager to close or finish a specific portion of the project. November 16, at For the andd integration effort to be effective.

Develop preliminary project statement d. Configuration management d. Your Email required. Not enough information available.

March 4, at Which of the following documents did the sponsor give you! The best option is to arrange a meeting and allow them to decide. Report this to the project sponsor as you should inform the organization before approaching PMI C.

A work authorization system Which of the following is not a suggestion for performing integrated change control. Neyda says:. What is the purpose of a lessons learned. Freeze scope and allow absolutely no changes 2.


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