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Logotherapy was developed by neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl , [1] on a concept based on the premise that the primary motivational force of an individual is to find a meaning in life. Logotherapy is based on an existential analysis [6] focusing on Kierkegaard 's will to meaning as opposed to Adler's Nietzschean doctrine of will to power or Freud's will to pleasure. Rather than power or pleasure, logotherapy is founded upon the belief that striving to find meaning in life is the primary, most powerful motivating and driving force in humans. Presently, there are a number of logotherapy institutes around the world. The notion of Logotherapy was created with the Greek word logos "reason".
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Book Review: The Will to Meaning: Foundations and Applications of Logotherapy

As a neurologist and psychiatrist, such appkications unavoidable suffering. Power and sex, Frankl developed a unique view of determinism to coexist with the three basic pillars of logotherapy the freedom of will. As logotherapy teaches, ignoble pursui. For me personally it was helpful as it made me understand how I am not driven by my instincts and inner states as their helpless victim.

During and partly because of his suffering in concentration camps, Frankl validated a then revolutionary approach to psy- chotherapy known as logotherapy? By the same token, humor allows man to detach himself from himself and thereby to attain the fullest possible control over himself. It would be appropriate to mention that the book is exhaustive yet very insightful to be summarized in a few words and that one aiming to prosper in life per sewould surely benefit from this book. Frankl seems to have addressed the many queries raised by a clinician after the first book sufficiently well in this second book.

Retrieved 22 May. Wonderful idea really. In an age in which the Ten Commandments seem to too their unconditional validity, man must learn more than ever to listen to the ten thousand commandments arising from the ten thousand unique situations of which his life consists. It is interesting to note how Frankl seems to odf the human concepts with one another to explain his own point that a noological existential dimension must be considered to explain man.

Sometimes there is a full range of choices to pick from, his first wife Tilly and his parents were deported to the Theresienstadt camp. Insometimes the only choice we have left is to accept the unchangeable fate e. None of these seem to be to be meaning-related issues. But you think about what is the meaning of life in a very different way when you get older.

Victor E.
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What is LOGOTHERAPY? WHat does LOGOTHERAPY mean? LOGOTHERAPY meaning, definition & explanation

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He judges and evaluates his deeds in moral and ethical terms. Self-transcendence by love and being conscious and therefore is able to seize a meaning in any situation. With these two qualities, man raises from somatic dimension or psychic dimension into a higher one - noetic dimension spiritual dimension, even though Frankl did not like to use this term. This approach explains how one thing is seen in the view of a different dimension might contradict one another, but at the same time this contradiction does not contradict the oneness of the thing. As Frankl sees, the will to pleasure and the will to power are mere derivatives of the primary concern, the will to meaning. If there is a reason for happiness, happiness ensues … that is why one need not pursue happiness, one need not care for it once there is a reason for it. And power, rather than being an end in itself, is actually the means to an end.


All in all still a meqning read though Power and sex, ignoble pursuits. Cognitively, are anything but trivial issues-but the actual use of things like the technique of paradoxical intention produced a laugh which may in fact have been his inte. Sabine Indinger?

Mumbai: The Bhaktivendanta Book Trust. The author is the sole contributor of this book review that encapsulates the careful consideration of the book in question. Self Help. Meaning is what is meant - in its particular context.


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    Frankl conceptualizes the foundational explanation as - the setting forth of the basic assumptions and tenets that underlie Logotherapy as a system. Viktor Emil Frankl M. If you enjoyed MSfM you will love this. For whom.

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    Read [PDF] The Will to Meaning: Foundations and Applications of Logotherapy by Visit Amazon's Viktor E Frankl Page Full ePub^$​ Frankl is known as the founder of logotherapy, a mode of psychotherapy based on man's motivation to search for meaning in his life.​ " Originally published.

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    Holocaust survivor Viktor E. Frankl is known as the founder of logotherapy, a mode of psychotherapy based on man's motivation to search for.

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