Christian names and meaning pdf

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christian names and meaning pdf

The Ultimate List of Biblical Girl Names and Meanings

These names occur in the Bible in any language. See also about biblical names. Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not. User list. Other theories claim a Hebrew derivation, and suggest meanings such as "high mountain" or "exalted".
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Biblical Baby Boy Names - Meanings

Almost all Western Christians avoid using this word for the Supreme Being, as, in their culture, it is too strongly associated with Islam—and Christians and Muslims do not really worship the same god and the two religions are radically different in many crucial ways. WebBible Encyclopedia Home. B top.

955 Names and Titles of God

Hallohesh the enchanter Ne. This name is slowly rising to popularity, thanks to the famous technology entrepre. Bigthan given by fortune Es. Gadi fortunate 2Ki.

Delaiah Jehovah has liberated I Ch. Gilalai dungy. Erich lion-like. In the Old Testament Book of Judges.

In the Old Testament Dan is one of the twelve sons of Jacob by Rachel 's servant Bilhahand the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. They defeated the Canaanite army led by Sisera. Psalm; christoan.

Beth-haccerem house of the vineyard Ne. Chelal complete; complement Ezr. Arah Wayfarer 1Ch. Bochim weepers Jdg.

Christian Girl Names with Meanings • Girl Baby Names from Bible

Heled worldly 1Ch. As a Christian name it was very rare until the 16th century. Haradah terror Nu? Revelation11 ; ; Doehan two wells Ge.

The Bible hosts hundreds of beautiful and significant names. The Old Testament has a treasure of uncommon names that glorify the Almighty Father whereas the New Testament is home to the popular and contemporary Christian names. We understand that it can be very confusing and time-consuming to go through all the names in the Bible. So, if you are looking for a Christian name for your son, we are here to help you pick the best biblical boy names. We have mentioned the source of the name to make your choice easier. It is one of the most popular Christian names. In the Bible, Adam is the first man that God ever created.


Eden delight Ge. Eloth palm trees; palm grove 1Ki. Allon-bachuth Oak of weeping Ge. Ajalon Place of gazelles or deer Jos.

Of course the element of distinct and uniqueness must be there but a simple easy to pronounce names is what anx modern parents prefer. Berechiah Jehovah has blessed 1 Ch. Aher Another; the one behind 1Ch. Cozbi false Nu.

Chloe green grass 1 Ch? In biblical times, a name often represented a person's reputation or nature! Anim Fountains Jos. Adoram Lord of beights; my Lord is exalted 2Sa.

In the Old Testament this is the name of the father of Samuel? This name was a title of a pharaoh mraning the Old Testament. Hannathon favored Jos. Hephzi-bah my delight is in her 2Ki.


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    Adlai Justice. You need to narrow down a few good names as per your liking and then finally choose the best of all. Eshcol cluster pff grapes Ge. This is also the form used in the Greek New Testament.

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