Android quiz questions and answers pdf

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android quiz questions and answers pdf

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This Android Quiz is comprised of various questions from different levels. So facing that Android Multiple Choice Questions will help to know the language from the primary level. And to be active in any programming language, basic concepts are mandatory. Moreover, to cope up with the computational world, proper knowledge of Android is compulsory. As a part of this candidates need to face the Android Online Test.
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Android Quiz – Android MCQ Online Test

You have entered an incorrect email address. It has a graphical interface which imitates an Android handheld environment, enabling them in testing and debugging their codes. The permissions the app requires B. The difference from standard is, if an instance of the activity already exists at the top of the current task and the system routes the intent to this activity.

What are the Direct subclasses of Activity. Was this helpful. To level the playing field for mobile devices. The XML file that contains all the text that your application uses.

Power management Ans: B Account Authenticator Activity. Happy learning. Versions 1.

There is no corresponding value in the Manifest file that produces this behavior. Subscribe to our youtube Channel. A new task will always be created and a new instance will be pushed to the task as the root. Android Package Ans: A !

Android Questions And Answers

This is the perfect site for anybody who really wants to understand this topic! Networking D. Creating a UI User Interface. We can invoke a client from a shell by issuing an ADB command.

NinePatch class permits drawing a bitmap in nine sections. Activate a Service. This means that we have to open AndroidManifest. Android Proprietary Kit D.

Here is a list of 50 important Android Operating system interview questions with their answers. Android is the most popular operating system used in mobile phones. It started a new era on mobile industry with smartphones and tablets. The main feature was its touch screen. Now most of the IT companies are working with Android Apps developments.

Before they are installed. What is an Intent. This Android Quiz is comprised of various questions from different levels. Applications andgoid distributed by the Android Market only. Every new app is scanned by a virus scanner B.

Here are the 21 most frequently asked Android interview questions comprising both basic and advanced levels and their perfect answers. Feel free to share your comments and queries. Happy learning! Android uses Dalvik virtual machine DVM which requires a special bytecode. In normal circumstances, developers will not be using this tool directly; build tools will care for the generation of DVM compatible files.


An implicit intent specifies an action that can invoke any app on the device androud to perform the action. All other choices Ans: A Select a component which is NOT part of Android architecture! Read More.

You can also draft questions to post later and post a question to individual students. Note: If a question is posted to several ahdroid, editing it in one class doesn't change it in any other class. There can be only one running activity at a given time. R file D.

To corner the mobile device application market for licensing purposes D. Each additional chunk simply adds a new functionality to the application. Java and SQL B! The manifest explains what the application consists of and glues everything together.

Starting An. Tech BE B. The system calls this method on your activity as the final signal that your activity instance is being completely removed from the system memory. We request the aspirants look at the results so that you can rectify the mistakes.


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    Under what condition could the code sample below crash your application. Net Interview questions with answers. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Which of the code snippets below is the correct way to check if a Compass sensor is present on the system.

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    Join Javatpoint Test Series

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    Delete a question If you delete a question, there's no way to nad deleting a question. To avoid this, before calling startActivity you should first verify that there is at least one application registered in the system that can handle the intent. Native Libraries D. Once deleted, all grades and comments related to the question are deleted.

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