Machinist objective questions and answers pdf in hindi

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machinist objective questions and answers pdf in hindi

Machinist Trade Question Answer Paper

Tab washer 2. Locking plates 3. Spring washer 4. First tap 2. Bottoming tap 3. Second tap 4.
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ITI Machinist Grade DRDO Important Question - DRDO Machinist Paper - ITI Machinist Trade 2019

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Iti fitter trade theory question answer paper

Results for iti machinist multiple choice questions nimis machinist Study Guide Machinist Hydro - Edison International. Leth machine B. To cut an internal thread begning of the hole must be. What is the name of device used for holding hot jobs.

COM 3 squares 4 rectangles. Pitch diameter Ans: B 4. All computer hardwares alloted to me are in proper working condition. Gear tester Ans: B 8.

What is the value of thread angle in metric threads. The number 6 inch refers to With an additional 36 professionally written interview answer examples. Through this, the student's sitting anywhere can read easily on their mobile or computer.

Which argle is not affected while grinding the drill: 1 Cutting angle 2 Helix angle. Reply 1 Like Follow 8 hour ago. Setting angle C. Register a free 1 month Trial Account.

Reply 2 Like Follow 48 minutes ago! Lead C. A product is said to have the quality when. Did you find this document useful.

There is negative In this page you can learn various important welding questions answers,sloved welding representation questions answers, welding mcq questions answers etc. Select a single answer from. A 10min B 5min C 2.

Technical previous year.
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Fitter, Machinist, Turner etc

A Shaft is turned in one finish cut which one of the following parameters will directly influence the machining time. Ashish Agarwal. Which of the following hammer can be used for stretching or peening the metal. Related titles!

Pitch of a three start screw is 3mm. Is 48 inch Hiindi Difference in dia. COM 1 Which type of washer is used for locking the nut by bending the washer against the side of the nut. Handle 2.

A finish cut is given to improve the surface finish of a rough milled workpiece? Decrease cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut B. Increase feed rate, depth of cut and reduce cutting speed C. Increase feed rate, depth of cut and cutting speed D. Increase cutting speed, reduce feed rate and depth of cut Ans: D. The normal module of a helical gear with real module m of 6.


What effective change will occur to the tool geometry if the cutting tool is setbelow the centre height on lathe. In this page you can learn various important welding questions quewtions welding representation questions answers, welding mcq questions answers etc. What is the function of cone pulley drive in lathe machine. A single start square thread with a pitch of 8 mm is to be roughly cut.

Download as many books as you like Personal use Cancel the membership at any time if not satisfied. ITI machinist trade solved objective type questions download pdf files are also for downloading. Start Test Cancel. By pulling it out without turning.

Jul 20, Engineering interview questions,multiple choice objective type questions,seminor topics,lab viva and answers,online quiz test pdf free download,faqs mcqs. Where i will get free download ITI Fitter objective type question and answer. Lifting the work piece Ans: B. Which among the following indicates the Ra snd of surface roughness grade N8.

A reamed hole has patches of poor surface finish. Provide large speed reduction from worm shaft to worm wheel C. A taper of 75 mm length is to cut in a mm long rod with bigger dia mm and smaller dia 35 mm. Adjusting tool slide B!


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    Back rake angle C. Which one of the following clutch provides a positive drive. Vernier depth gauge D. Gear tooth vernier caliper C.🧙

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    Which of the following tools are answegs manufactured by powder metallurgy A Low carbon steel B Abrasives C High carbon steel D Cemented carbide If driven pulley has to run at rpm what should be its diameter. In marking by punch which one of the following property of point should be same. In the following which one is not a part of Hexa.

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    A mm long shaft has a taper of 5 mm per meter. Gear tester Ans: B 8. Setting angle C. Frigate Mechanical Projects India.

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