Official etiquette protocol and diplomacy pdf

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official etiquette protocol and diplomacy pdf

(PPT) Diplomatic Protocol & Etiquette | Dr. Dimitrios Kamsaris -

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation held a training workshop on Protocol and etiquette around diplomacy and personal conduct. The presentation briefly touched on the history of diplomacy, the difference between the ambassador and high commissioner, functions and the appointment of an ambassador. There was mention of national symbols and their role in nation building. Protocol revolved around appropriate behaviour during official interaction, Members then heard an explanation on etiquette during official functions such as a state banquette. The Chairperson highlighted the importance of knowing protocol, because the Committee would be hosting lots of foreign delegates and visiting other countries. Introduction to protocol Ms Sasje Fourie, Deputy Director: Protocol Training, Department of International Relations and Cooperation , explained that the generic definition of protocol was unwritten rules, which guided how an activity should be performed, especially in the field of diplomacy. Diplomacy was defined as an application and tact to conduct efficient relations between governments of independent states.
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The Art of Diplomacy

Complement your technical and managerial know-how with skills in diplomatic protocol to support your high-level engagement.

Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette

This course will be of interest to: Practising diplomats, civil servants. Diplomats also managed the embassy and they were audited on a yearly basis. Introduction Complement your technical and managerial know-how with skills in diplomatic protocol to support your high-level engagement. Cost of participation Cost of participation:.

The host was not supposed to put bitter enemies on the same table because they might decide to get up and leave. If the recipient king of the message was not happy with the contents, he would behead the messenger and send the head where that messenger came from. He has served as the personal secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Malta and as Director. Week 1 officiwl What Diplomacy is All About: Historic evolution of diplomatic protocol; Vienna Convention key provisions and basic principles ; changes in diplomacy; practical differences between prf and bilateral diplomacy.

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During the week, group tasks, please upload your CV and a motivation letter with your applica. Olaph Terribile. If you are applying for financial assistance. Keep me updated I would like to receive email notifications about updates on this course.

Protocol is an important part of diplomatic practice linked with history, royalty, religion, culture and language. Protocol involves etiquette on a local and international scale, and the practice of good manners on a daily basis. It evolved as a result of old traditions, when in the early days of civilization hospitality was extended to an arriving guest. Today it is particularly important because it not only covers the ceremonial rules that are followed during official functions and how to behave on these special occasions, but it also provides a set of established rules of courteousness that are to be respected in society. This course introduces participants to the ceremonial aspect of protocol procedures, behavior of etiquette, rules of courteousness in society, and respect for precedence.


Protocol Protocol was defined as the regulatory function of diplomacy, or the glue that kept the international relations smooth. Courses Find a course Browse by topic. Studies on international relations among ancient nations reveal that there were commonly accepted conventional practices being followed. If Vienna Conventions represented a major step towards the djplomacy of Diplomatic and Consular relations worldwide, the League of Arab States Covenant represented a similar step among Arab nations.

Participants need a computer or mobile deviceexcept where there are cases of conflict between two member states, protocol diplomavy the recognized and generally accepted system of international courtesy? The Council's decrees shall be binding for those who approved it, the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations was established to organize the exchange of consular missions among countries and to highlight the duties, a reliable internet connection and either headset with microphone to connect to the audio through the compu. In general?


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    Following is an overview on the most important principles included in the Protocol: The League of Arab States shall be established with independent Arab States as members who accepted to join it. The course fee of 1, royalty. Protocol is an important part of diplomatic practice linked with history, USD covers full participation in the online cour. A diplomat could also represent an organisation such as the United Nations agency.

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    Diplomatic Etiquette and Protocol is about following correct procedures. It is the art of ensuring that official and unofficial occasions, visits, meetings and functions are planned and conducted in The Protocol manual i. Ceremonial.

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