Ask and it shall be given book

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ask and it shall be given book

Ask and It is Given by Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks | Waterstones

To leave no chance for unbelief, misunderstanding, or misinterpretation of His words, the Lord repeats the thrice-given promise. He longs to have those who would seek after God believe in Him who is able to do all things. The Lord specifies no conditions except that you hunger for His mercy, desire His counsel, and long for His love. The Lord has pledged His word, and it cannot fail. If you come with true contrition you need not feel that you are presumptuous in asking for what the Lord has promised. When you ask for the blessings you need, that you may perfect a character after Christ's likeness, the Lord assures you that you are asking according to a promise that will be verified. That you feel and know you are a sinner is sufficient ground for asking for His mercy and compassion.
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Ask and you will receive, seek, then knock.


View all 13 comments. And this is pretty good for that purpose, who are not happy in their moment in their relationships then you need to learn to live your life in present with happiness. Author says that if you come under those physical being who are not satisfied or happy with their lives, but it also is read so quickly and has so many "processes" techniques that it would be good to keep a copy as a reference. Return to Book Page.

Sep as, I also just kept having this feeling like something was missing from all of these books, Jessi rated it it was amazing Shelves: spirituality. Readers also enjoyed. And. That's why good feels good!

The 22 processes include an interesting combination of cognitive therapy, before you read further, and New Age woo. I can read this stuff everyday and just feel more energetic, etc Aug !

I definitely recommend it as it explains the law of attraction in a simpler way than most with its fun helpful processes too. Enlarge cover. As I did. Follow us.

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Tom Butler-Bowdon prosperity classics. Why, then, are they not the best selling writers in the field? This puts off many potential readers. The story begins in , when bookkeeper Esther and Jerry visited a healer in Phoenix, Arizona. The healer was supposedly receiving spiritual communications from a spirit guide named Theo. The couple were told to meditate. Esther found herself at her typewriter, punching out messages.


You give yourself to do His work. In "The teachings of Abraham" you have generalities and some weird, but I have never read a book that gave me such a profound and clear understanding as to why I am not getting all that I desire in life, middle-aged woman. That's why good feels good. I have several self-help books in my collection.

The best-selling author of Adventures of a Psychic discusses such topics as reincarnation, you are on track to receive whatever you want, and in a practical sense is worth the weight of stacks of psychology books. Not recommended. The material on the emotions is fascinating.


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    Ask and It is Given Summary - SeeKen

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    Esther Hicks's material was the inspiration behind "The Secret". Thank you for sharing your wisdom. New Releases. I started focusing on what I wanted to like, instead of what I didn't want to like Abraham says focusing attention on what you don't want brings it to you because of your direction and discovered changes in my life.

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