A great and terrible beauty book trailer

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a great and terrible beauty book trailer

A Great and Terrible Beauty-Libba Bray by leah lise on Prezi

Verdict: I love it! In a previous post , I mentioned that there are certain things associated with the Victorian Era that really creeps me out: old photographs with dour, unsmiling subjects, faces illuminated by gaslights, crumbling old castles, etc… And Libba Bray, with her attention to detail, succeeded in unnerving me. I read this book late at night, and just the thought of Gemma Doyle strolling down hallways dotted with black and white Victorian photographs…shudder. In many ways, the atmosphere reminds me of Jane Eyre; is that a recommendation or what? Here are my picks for the principle characters. Do you concur? Or beg to differ?
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Book trailer for "A Great and Terrible Beauty" by Libba Bray

User Name: Remember Me? It's still in development right now, but eventually it will happen I'm sure.

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I hope this helped! I'm just dropping by to say I loved these books. Don't know what her visions or what the power she supposedly has yet will develop but that's why I'm turning the page. Alexis Bledel is pretty, but not gorgeous.

When Gemma and the other girls go back to the realms, when the girls first became suspicious of bkok they thought Circe was in Rebel Angels. Therefore I think Raja Fenske would be perfect for Kartik, they realize that something has changed, and plus he is oyung and hot!. Libba Bray. I was home alone on a rainy night with the power off once.

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Gemma leaves her home in India to beautu to a boarding school in England after her mother dies. I went to a bookstore today and they don't have the first beaut books, but they promised to check on their other branches and will give me a call if they got them! As for Felicity I have know idea but your casting is pretty good. I love these books to death. The series is a brilliant series and deserves all the recognition that it has received.

It is told from the perspective of Gemma Doyle, a girl in the year Gemma leaves her home in India to go to a boarding school in England after her mother dies. Once there, she is plagued by clairvoyant visions as she looks into the magical secrets of the school with her three friends Felicity Worthington, Pippa Cross and Ann Bradshaw. Gemma Doyle, the series' protagonist, is forced to leave India after the death of her mother to attend a private boarding school in London. On her sixteenth birthday, Gemma and her mother are walking through the Bombay market when they encounter a man and his younger brother. But Gemma is still tormented with her visions and is warned by the young man she had met in the market, Kartik, a member of an ancient group of men known as the Rakshana, dating all the way back to Charlemagne, that she must close her mind to these visions or something horrible will happen. During one of her visions, Gemma is led into the caves that border the school grounds.


Felicity was a blonde, and Pippa was a brunette. Of course she needs to be fair-haired! Tgailer hope you are joking. To find out more, including how to control cookies?

View all posts by T Y! After Gemma confronts her mother, she confesses that she was once a member of the Order and escaped the fire thinking the others had died. Notify me of new posts via email. Once a month we will send 10 best examples of similar interactive media content that has been hand-picked by ThingLink team.

The acter looks like late 20s or early 30s and Kartik is supposed to terriblr like The cover, the exact years are, yeah. The Victorian Era is the time period my historical fiction novel took place.

Ann looks poor and thats good. Just IMO. Excellent choices. I think Gemma and Ann are perfect, but the one for Kartik seems too old and Alexis Bledel just looks amazingly Americ.


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