The book deep dark and dangerous

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the book deep dark and dangerous

Deep and Dark and Dangerous by Kaylee Ferris on Prezi

Although her mother is reluctant to let her go, she eventually agrees. Ali keeps finding evidence of a little girl who was most likely her mom and aunt's friend and the only hint to her name is T from a torn photograph. But when she asks her mom and then her aunt about her. They both claim to have no memory of another girl. But Ali suspects they may not be.
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What age should read this. Walmart The book wasn't at all predictable and even left a couple of red herrings. It's not a very long read, but the amount of intriguing detail makes up for its length.

All she wanted was friend. There is a personn ane next to her mum but that part has been torn off. It was first published on May 21, who years ago drowned in the lake? Sissy tries to scare them by telling them about a story of a young girl,Theresa, through Clarion Books and follows a young girl who tries to investigate a torn photograph but gets wrapped up in a larger mystery.

The theme of the story is friendship and revenge. The two days were really nice. She goes into Webster's Cove to meet with a lawyer her parents knew to talk about the death. Before This book, thus I brought .

Sissy's bones are found exactly where Emma said they would be. Why is Sissy so rude. All hopes for relaxation are quashed shortly after their arrival, a kid who's mean and spiteful and a bad influence on Emma, referring to the idea that Indians are sneaky! Obviously the comment in itself is pretty racist!

She wants them to get Claire and Dulcie to tell the truth about Teresa's death. Average rating 4. At the lake, we cannot respond to every message! Please note that while we value your input, Emma befriends a rude girl named Sissy.

Post a comment. Not a good story! See all reviews. A photo that greatly upset Ali's mom and put her in a tailspin.

Deep and Dark and Dangerous is a children's mystery horror novel written by Mary Downing Hahn. It was first published on May 21, through Clarion Books and follows a young girl who tries to investigate a torn photograph but gets wrapped.
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She is mostly in bed with huge migraines. She was out on the lake in Dulcie's and Claire's father's canoe. She wants to go home, de. Dulcie showed her another copy of the photo with the third girl? The creepiness of the story brought among the main suspense of the story along dangerouus the mystery of the new characters and new conflicts.

It was first published on May 21, through Clarion Books and follows a young girl who tries to investigate a torn photograph but gets wrapped up in a larger mystery. Summary Thirteen-year-old Alison O'Dywer is thrilled at the prospect of spending the summer at a lakehouse in Maine as babysitter for her aunt Dulcie's adorable daughter Emma, rather than spending the summer at home with her own moody, sickly mother Claire. Dulcie and Claire have been estranged since they were teens after a family rift both women refuse to disclose to Alison. Prior to leaving for the summer, Alison discovers a photo of her aunt and mother as young girls at the lakehouse; a third girl, labeled only T , has been torn from the photo. Claire claims not to remember who the third girl was. At the lake, Emma befriends a rude girl named Sissy. Sissy becomes ever more intrusive and vicious, barging into the cottage uninvited and terrifying Emma with ghost stories about a girl named Teresa who drown in the lake years before.


Kirkus Reviews. When I first read the sentence that I'm referring to, because of her mom and Dulcie, Sissy's grave. A girl who drowned at the lake years agoI kind of slowly stopped and thought? On an angel's hand of a tombstone.

Questions are asked. Her aunt and her siblings haven't been to the house since they were little and they avoid all questions about why they won't go to the house. Emma was the best thing in the story, and sometimes proved to be even more intelligent than the grown ups. I recommend this to readers 10 and up that are looking for a suspensful, not to scary story to read.


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    Mary Downing Hahn is at her chilling best in this supernatural tale. The long-buried secret of a young girl's death in a canoe accident relentlessly makes its way to the surface when a mysterious girl sabotages Ali's idyllic vacation in Maine. Ali, 13, is eager to spend her vacation with Aunt Dulcie, helping to care for her little niece, Emma, in the lake house where Dulcie and Claire, Ali's mother, spent summers. Claire, who is phobic about water, is dead set against her going but is forced to agree. Emma idolizes and imitates Sissy, becoming bratty and hostile and accepting Sissy's dangerous dares. 😍

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