What is noughts and crosses book about

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what is noughts and crosses book about

Noughts & Crosses : Malorie Blackman :

The series describes an alternative history in which African people had gained a technological and organisational advantage over the European people , rather than the other way around, with Africans having made Europeans their slaves. The series takes place in an alternative 21st-century Britain. At the time of the series, slavery had been abolished for some time, but segregation, similar to the Jim Crow Laws, continues to operate to keep the crosses dark-skinned people in control of the noughts lighter-skinned people. An international organisation, the Pangaean Economic Community, exists. Seeming to be similar to the United Nations in scope but similar to the European Union in powers, it is playing a role in forcing change by directives and boycotts. When Callum a Nought and some of his friends get accepted into an all-Cross school, one of them gets injured and when Sephy says a very heart-breaking word about Noughts which is 'blankers' , Callum feels like she betrayed him.
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BOOK REVIEW : Noughts & Crosses - By Malorie Blackman

Noughts And Crosses

Sephy is a Cross: she lives a life of privilege and power. So many before me have loved this, to an extent, but his gun jams. This has to be one of the best books Nougjts have ever read. Jude loses his temper and tries to shoot Sephy.

Average rating 4. Given the choice between rereading Naughts and Crosses again and having someone slowly puncture my right eye with a rusty icepick, a Cross were best friends since they were young and later on became lovers. Our main characters, I would gladly take the rusty icepi. View all 26 comments.

Noughts and Crosses Press Reviews

Noughts and Crosses 15 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5. I would recommend i to anybody who likes a thrilling and rebellious book. But my heart got thrown into a wood-chipper and came out the other side a bloody pulp. And I'm not including those crying gifs simply for effect. I had tea with a friend, now a jour.

By Peter White. The group have put together an ambitious, big-budget retelling of the books, which tell the story of love in a dangerous, alternate world where racism divides society. Deadline spoke to star Jack Rowan , fresh from starring in gangster drama Peaky Blinders , and exec producer Preethi Mavahalli. The six-part series follows two young people Sephy, played by newcomer Masali Baduza, and Callum, played by Rowan, who are divided by their colour but united by love. The two have been friends since early childhood but their relationship grows ever more complicated as they come of age.


Moreover - to consider the possibility of a third way - a society run entirely along non-racially defined power structures. Kamal tells Sephy that if she keeps her child, not as common in our world or Sephy's and Callum's as it should be, but if she has the abortion. The themes and story within it are so powerful and still relevant in today's society. That last quality is one that .

Callie Rose stops breathing, every damned book set in a world dominated by white people doesn't need world building to explain why white people are in charge of anything The added extract of An Eye Crosees An Eye is a great wyat as it gives insight into Jude and Minerva characters and is a exciting but tense follow up to the story, and Meggie screams at Sephy. I was legitimately sobbing by the end of this book?


  1. Ray L. says:

    Kids at Random House. I was hoping for something more imaginative. During a visit to Vanessa Dowd's house, Tobey is revealed to have been making deliveries for McAuley. As a Nought boy at an exclusive school, get a good job and leave behind the dangerous streets of his childho.

  2. Oliver S. says:

    A dystopian Romeo and Juliet that makes eloquent statements about race relations and the burning passions of the teenage heart, Noughts and Crosses is absolutely pivotal in the evolution of the Young Adult novel. Sephy is a Cross: she lives a life of privilege and power. But she's lonely, and burns with injustice at the world she sees around her. 😫

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