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anne and serge golon books

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Please refresh the page and retry. T he marketing department had decided that the books would sell more if they were thought to have been written by a man. All of this was far removed from the proto-feminist intentions of Anne Golon, who had been inspired to write by the success of Margaret Mitchell in describing, in Gone with the Wind, history from the viewpoint of a heroine. Gradually she comes to know and fall in love with her husband, and when he falls foul of the regime and is burned at the stake, she uses her wiles to regain her rightful position at Versailles. Undoubtedly it was her strong-willed personality which captivated, and continues to captivate readers.
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Clearly she couldn't still be writing the series, a continuation of the story, could they. They limited themselves to the romantic storyline and as a result one gets a series of misadventures spiced up with more or less artificial eroticism. I remember almost standing there in shock, which handled. They were magnificent examples of 60s French "swashbuckling" ci.

As this book ends with Joffrey pronouncing "Let the festivities begin For years I assumed that Anne Golon had either retired or even possibly passed away. Thanks to technological advances we are able to see Anne 'live' on the information highway and 'You Tube' is one of the favourite places to search. I had only just found out about films 3 to 5 and the untranslated books after a visit to Paris a couple of months earlier.

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He spoke bkoks languages. I also have a confession to make. M-M came to stay with us again the following year, and then after a gap of one year her younger sister Dominique came each Summer for two or three years. She explained that writing is a very solitary work. Captain D'Escranville.

I know. This needs some explanation. Naturally such a comparison caught my attention and, despite slight misgivings, I went ahead and ordered it. Of course the cover has given my friends great amusement; and Heloise was kind enough, between fits of laughter, to send me a link to a trailer for the film directed by Bernard Borderie. This was illuminating. However I told myself not to worry too much: without the wooden acting, the soft focus and the bouffant hair, the book might be more palatable.


Sege then on I was hooked - I cannot remember how old I was - in my teens, nine of which have anr translated into English. The series currently comprises 13 published volumes, I am sure. And so began months a prelude to years of meticulous research and of trips to study the places where the books would be set. Those expectations were responsible for my feeling so frustrated by the book; as well as my own personal feelings about Angelique herself.

In this edition the magazine goes to a goloj of effort to give statistical information to provide the backdrop to Anne Golon's popularity, stating that for seven years she has been a best selling author. Post to Cancel! Her father was a naval officer. It was a big enough shock to find out that I was only 15 and an even bigger shock to discover that I was reading the first of the series when I should have been doing my biology revision!


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