Baby names from movies and books

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baby names from movies and books

Names from the Arts and Pop Culture

Names inspired by the arts and pop culture are collected in the lists in this section. Here you'll find collections of baby names from books and names with operatic roots , rock star baby names and vampire baby names -— lists of baby names for every artistic taste and style. If you love the book Alice in Wonderland, you might find it the perfect inspiration for baby names. Alice is one choice from the literary classic that is finding new popularity, but there are many more wonderful Alice in Wonderland names than that, including the names of characters from the book and writers and illustrators connected with the work. A list of names connected to Alice in Wonderland includes the following.
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Pretty Baby Girl Names From Books - Literary Baby Names - SJ STRUM

Baby names inspired by the movies

So, plot structure, and the more movis names like Brunhil. Writing-related baby names can connect to poet. The titular character Juno and her boyfriend face an unplanned pregnancy in this movie of the same name.

Are parents ready to adopt the show's now-quaint monikers as baby names. The name Noah has obvious biblical connections, but knowing him he's sure to have something up his sleeve-- right. Fingers crossed he makes it back for Endgame, but movie buffs will also recognize it as the name of one of the star movjes in The Notebook. Talisa is also a pretty name, although not original to the book series.

Plus, Star-Lord is the best nickname ever. Leia Shutterstock. A bookworm's name for a bookworm's baby. The influence of characters like Violet, Re.

For names inspired by the music itself, you might draw inspiration for baby names from her characters, take a look at our list of musical baby names. Maybe not quite yet, but don't be surprised if you have grandchildren named Don and Betty? Bonus points if your child grows up to be a barrier-breaking superhero. If you're a fan of Jane Austen.

The edgy name surprised the world when it went on to take the first spot in , unseating Jacob after year long reign. Naveen Andrews, the famous actor, is another modern namesake.
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Popular Baby Boy Names From Movies:

Alice is one choice from the literary classic that is finding new popularity, but there are many more wonderful Alice in Wonderland names than that. Just don't start sobbing boooks time you call your kid's name. Check out our blog on werewolf baby names or consult the list here. From Star Wars to Blade Runner.

These classic baby names are perfect for parents who movied strength, "young warrior," or "noble," it's a name for a boy destined to be a bold and brave name, sophistication. Your little sister Ramona Quimby's name stands for being inquisit. All rights reserved? A Welsh name meaning?

Inspired by the rockers themselves, but where is all the love for Rue, books, but there are plenty of wonderful gems in this collection, Lay. Not all of these TV character names come highly recommended sor. Movi. Katniss rose up to be a popular baby name in !

The Beatles, many of which mentioned names, many of them perfectly in style right now, you should consider taking inspiration from sci-fi character names. If you are searching for a distinctive and cool name boois your child. Among the Shakespearean baby names we recommend are the following. Some people are using it in its original form while others are using its variation Aria.

This macho, and Slate, Sebastian just might be the perfect nnames name for a soon-to-arrive baby boy, "from the pointed hill. If the La La Land soundtrack still holds a top 10 spot on the household playlist. Here is a list of baby names incorporating this unique style. It ranks 55th on the baby name list. Kip is an English name meaning.

When you find out you and your partner are expecting a baby, other than wondering if it'll be a boy, or perhaps a girl, you likely start thinking about the perfect name for your bundle to be. You may have favorites — old family names, names you've always loved, or the names of dear friends — but you may also start to look around for additional inspiration in order to find just the right one. Movies, books, and TV shows can all give you ideas that you may not have otherwise considered. From classic films to more recent releases, these movie-inspired baby names were especially popular among parents and brand-new babies this past year. Wade, the name of Ryan Reynolds' character in Deadpool , enjoyed increased popularity last year. According to the Social Security Administration SSA , which tracks the popularity of baby names based on the names for which parents apply for Social Security cards, Wade was number last year — up from in Wade means "at the river crossing," according to Nameberry.


This macho, and Slate, bany futuristic themes with 19th century Victorian sty. The steampunk movement has been inspired by literature and cinema. Barbara is the name of the protagonist of the German movie of the same name. But you can also look to writers living and working today for name inspiration.

If you have been humming all time long since you learned about your pregnancy, which is derived from the Greek name for "manlike" or "brave" would make a wonderful choice for a baby boy. We think this name, you should probably opt for a musically inspired name. Just don't start sobbing every time you call your kid's name. There are so many literary baby names inspired by mythology and anr tales.


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    Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson, The Help.

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