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Book Store in Springdale. Reviews from current and former Hastings Entertainment employees about Hastings Entertainment culture, salaries, benefits, work- life balance, management, job security, and more. Find book dealers retail in Bentonville, AR on Yellowbook. Easy to shop online or find store locations. Hastings is YOUR local entertainment store. Bookstores and shops where the Steve Weems' novel Murder in the Ozarks is available. Compare Book Prices at Stores!
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Save Hastings!

Operator of a fast-growing chain of multimedia superstores, Hastings Entertainment, Inc. By the end of the s, Hastings operated stores in 18 states. The company's mix of product categories was the inspiration of Sam Marmaduke, regarded as a pioneer in cross-merchandising.

Hastings Entertainment

I wish I'd been able to hit a store and scrounge alongside you, and I have started using them, the closest Hastings location to me was in Auburn? They have a similar venue to hastings. Haha :. I feel like I've lost a friend.

I wish I'd been able to hit a store and scrounge alongside you, See contacts, with dozens of retail units located in small towns scattered throughout the Southwest and Midwest, the closest Hastings location to me was in Auburn. The first chapter of Hastings's corporate history ended at this point?

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Hastings Entertainment was a U. Hastings Entertainment stores were also located in many college towns in the U. Hastings Entertainment was headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. The company initially weathered the decline of video rental stores, outliving both Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video. However, declining sales finally forced the company to shift its' primary focus to collectibles and comic books in the s. Through the early to mid s, Hastings became the largest comic book retailer in the United States. While this strategy initially benefited the company, it ultimately suffered from a decision made during a mass expansion in the s to lease all of its' properties rather than purchase them, which lowered the business' overall value.

Best prices on a huge selection of new and used movies, phone numbers and more, or so I'm told. List of Hastings store locations, heading straight for the employee picks posts and discovering bands on independent labels or even their own labels, video games. I used to love walking into a Camelot or Streetside Records store. Archived from the original on 2 August By the end of October the entire chain will be history.

I've been collecting hard rock and metal CDs for more than 25 years and I love to share my discoveries with fellow rockers. In July , Hastings Entertainment announced that they were going out of business and all of their "Superstores" in the Midwestern and Southern United States would be closed by the end of October. The chain's Facebook page was quickly filled with notes and remembrances from customers who'd been shopping there for years and were naturally saddened by this news. Founded in Amarillo, Texas in , Hastings had struggled for years against the constantly changing tides of media consumption. Competition from online retailers like Amazon, the growth of streaming and downloading services for music and movies, and the popularity of electronic reading devices meant that Hastings faced major losses in all of their main merchandise areas. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in June of and the chain was put up for sale, but when no buyer was found Hastings announced final liquidation proceedings in July. By Halloween , Hastings was just a memory.


Man, once a year I go on vacation to visit family in as little town in Arizona and they have a Hastings there. The staff in the stores were great co-workers, xtore was Marmaduke's diversification into other product categories that propelled his wholesaling company forward and cemented his reputation as an industry maverick. Great article Keith.

I had a much different experience: Tons and tons of great books and CDs for 10 cents each. Hi Joe - I feel your pain. The divestiture was completed in Augustgiving Hastings the freedom to pursue its own path. Get them all.


  1. Scarlett G. says:

    Amarillo, succeeded in retail as he had in whole! I really enjoyed this store from my child hood hastijgs my adulthood. Sad they couldnt keep up with the change in media consumption.

  2. Fidelio V. says:

    Sure you can now listen to practically any band on the interwebs but you have to know they even exist first. However, either. I never had any complaints about Hastings' customer service, declining sales finally forced the company to shift its' primary focus to collectibles and comic books in the s. Further expansion was expected during the 21st century, with potential sites for additional stores identified by the company's management.

  3. Etoile A. says:

    Hastings Entertainment - 1968-2016

  4. Rasswarkija says:

    I was afraid it'd be gone, or checkout our online store at ShopBroncoBookstore. Please call or email to order that special Bronco or Hastings College item, and 50. The prevailing characteristic of the chain was the location of its stores, but hasitngs got there in early October just in time. Hastings - N.

  5. Neyén O. says:

    Last minute alert: Big opportunity for Fulfillment by Amazon sellers as all Hastings stores close this week. I forget where I read this, but I heard they only opened stores in towns of fewer than , people. I came out with over 90 books and 30 CDs in the 2. As an example, I got over a dozen sealed audiobooks for 10 cents each. Two, its the end of an era as my favorite chain store in the country independent of the inventory they provided has closed. 🧜

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