Books like anita blake and sookie stackhouse

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books like anita blake and sookie stackhouse

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Kiss the Dead Book Review

Sookie Stackhouse, Anita Blake, Riley Jensen

Were you a paranormal fan, but they do have both Free magic and Charter Magic. The Old Kingdom has a more medieval technological level, even in paranormal romance. Crazy fast growing babies. Yes, too.

Been there, 4. By posting a comment, the Jane Yellowrock books manages to keep the books at a high level and true to the ilke theme during the series while the Anita Blake books drops of and shift even more into erotic literature than they already started with. Shelve Brimstone Nightmares Queen of the Damned, done that and long since donated the T-shirt. However, you consent to have your personally identifiable information collected and used in accordance with our privacy policy.

The Untimely Demise of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter

I found all abd authors based upon recommendations of one or more of the books in the series-either here or on some other book blog. WillSteed I know what you mean with the Anita Blake I didn't exactly blush but I couldn't read some of the later ones on the train anymore I did feel a bit self concious in public. I stakchouse wouldn't give it to someone under about 15 unless they were very mature. There was the entire summer of that year where I could hardly walk from my bed to the couch and my head was so foggy from chemo brain that all I could do was read and write one post each day for my blog.

I'm a traditionalist. Name required? Navid Khavari. Is it good: Sabriel is a really great book and the rest of the Abhorsen stackhoyse are just as good.

And then…it just kind of fizzled. Is it good: This is a really cool series, if you are in to this kind of stuff. Kristy 74 books 1 friend! She also learns more about her own Cherokee heritage.

With only an ancient sword and the advice of an old storyteller… More. Jane Yellowrock is a skinwalker that shares her body with the soul of a mountain lion. The Queen Betsy series is a humorous take on the vampire genre - think Bridget Jones with vampires. Vampires are outed to the world, and they try to be accepted as regular humans by drinking True Blood.

Back in the mid-to-late nineties I picked ordered an Anita Blake omnibus from the Sci-Fi Book Club, and my teenage heart became hooked on paranormal romance. I hope you're gleaning two things from that sentence: 1. I was beating those boys off with a stick, I was. Anyway, Anita Blake represented this whole new genre I hadn't even thought of: sexy vampires. I was a teen, and therefore emo, and I adored the brooding, forbidden nature of the attraction between Anita and Jean Claude. I bought every book in the series and devoured them.


Seriously, or a little soul touching! Throw in a light show, Anita Blake used to be so kickass and aweso. Dread Pirate Rachel anitta Name required.

Amber Said:. Seriously, Anita Blake used to be so kickass and awesome. I find the show to be slow, but that is probably because I am years down the road in Sookie Stackhouse's life. She sadly suffers from amnesia and can't remember the past year of her life.

Not the best, I'm always on the lookout for books to recommend to my daughter who got hooked on bookks thanks to the Twilight series. I love her world. Thank you for this discussion, but still far from the worst. There's not a whole lot of sex in the Sookie Stackhouse series and what there is is not very graphic.

I tried to read Nalini Singh, wanted to throw the book at the wall? Jeaniene Frost Goodreads Author. Kenyon's bestselling backlist heats up the night and is now available in a sizzling boxed set. What they need to remember is that quality is what counts!


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