The graveyard book questions and answers

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the graveyard book questions and answers

The Graveyard Book quiz: 26 questions by Michelle Brady

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The Graveyard Book: Chapter 6 - Read by Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard Book Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question.

The Graveyard Book Short Answer Test - Answer Key

During the dance at the festival Danse Macabre, Bod fades and Silas transports him back to the graveyard. Who has agreed to be the boy's guardian and to get food for him? In the panic that ensues, the graveyard members help Bod to understand the union of the living and dead. In this story the ghosts are good and very caring!

But the author portrays them in a very different way. All quizzes. Identify the literary element in this quote. In the end she even sacrifices her life to protect him from evil.

Progress: 17 of 26 questions. He was asleep and made no noise! He also teaches the boy to read by pointing out letters on the gravestones. Ask and answer questions about books.

A middle-aged man asks for her help in making a gravestone rubbing. Spiritual Content. She is the one who will raise the child. Silas's shadow stretching over the hill.

The Graveyard Book Questions and Answers

Scarlett sees this as monstrous, but the reader understands that appearances can be deceiving. Delete Quiz. Identify the literary element used in this quote: "He Jack growled in the back of his throat, like a beast of prey. Bod has a newfound respect for Miss Lupescu and eagerly renews his studies with her.

Progress: 5 of 26 questions. The Lady on the Grey coming to the meeting. Why did the man Jack visit the house on the side of the hill. Owens and Mrs.

Scarlett's parents thought Bod was? Context clues. Progress: 3 of 26 questions. Mother Slaughter offered the name Jebidiah.

The baby climbed out of his crib and tottered up the hill. Identify the literary element used in this quote: "He Gravwyard growled in the back of his throat, angry and frustrated, and Scarlett's parents have called the police fearing that she had been kidnapped. The children have been gone for hours. Silas finally chose the perfect name for the child.

Bod is adopted by Mr. Owens and Mrs. Owens sees it as her duty to take care of Bod, even though the other graveyard residents are against it Silas , the vampire , encourages Mrs. Owens to keep the toddler in the graveyard. Owens and her husband have taken this child under protection.


What is the child's new name! He also takes the education of Bod very serious. Delete Quiz. The questuons wants the reader to think about good and evil.

When Bod won't elaborate more about who Silas is, Scarlett becomes angry and storms away. He used a digital navigation map to track his prey. Jack is actually afraid of Silas. Main and Subordinate Clauses!

Back to Site! Or Not. Think about incorporating a script, software applications such as Powe. Played times.

They encouraged the entire graveyard to xnswers raise the child. Silasbut it says its a children's book, the vampire. Progress: 12 of 26 questions. I'm twenty years old and this book sounds great.


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    Bod and Scarlett enter the ancient grave. In it, he threatens Nick to make him stop bullying the other children. Bod and Liza take the brooch and the man Jack's card and flee. Choose the quote that uses personification.

  2. Lisa R. says:

    Bod defies Silas' order to stay inside the graveyard gates and goes to town. Sometimes it meant that the man hadn't met the right woman. Progress: 11 of 26 questions? Bod meets Scarlett one more time before she and her parents move to Scotland.

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    The Graveyard Book Reading Comprehension | Teaching Resources

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    Multiple Meanings. Welcome back. Publisher Harper Collins Publishers. He arranges for Bod's schooling and is the boy's strongest protector.

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